March for Our Lives Highlights: Students Protesting Guns Say ‘Enough Is Enough’

March 24, 2018 - School Uniform

In Boston, a purchase of Second Amendment supporters collected in front of a Statehouse with signs that said, “Come and take it.”

“We trust in a Second Amendment,” pronounced Paul Allen, 62, a late construction workman who lives in Salisbury, Mass. “You people will appreciate it a approach we wish and we’ll appreciate it for what it is — that law-abiding adults who are loyal patriots have a right to bear arms.”

Mr. Allen described supporters of gun control as “ignorant sheep who are being spoon-fed by magnanimous teachers.”

“They haven’t review a Constitution and they don’t know what it means,” he said.

Gun rights organizations were mostly still about a demonstrations on Saturday. A orator for a N.R.A. did not answer several emails requesting comment.

On a eve of a march, Colion Noir, a horde on NRATV, an online video channel constructed by a gun group, lashed out during a Parkland students, observant that “no one would know your names” if someone with a arms had stopped a gunman during their school.

“These kids ought to be marching opposite their possess false faith structures,” he pronounced in a video, adding, “The usually reason we’ve ever listened of them is since a guns didn’t come shortly enough.”

Demonstrators collected in gun-friendly states.

In places where gun control is reduction popular, demonstrators pooled together, perplexing to uncover that support for their means extends over large, primarily magnanimous cities.


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In Vermont, a farming state with a abounding sport enlightenment and some of a nation’s weakest gun laws, marchers collected during a Capitol in Montpelier. Organizers hoped that thousands would spin out by a finish of a day — an desirous idea in a city of 7,500 people.

“I wish a inhabitant impetus is going to be impactful, though during slightest we know state by state that we can make change,” pronounced Madison Knoop, a college beginner who orderly a rally.

In Dahlonega, Ga., several hundred people collected outward a museum, a startling uncover of strength for gun control in an overwhelmingly regressive region.

“We’re going to be a era that takes down a gun lobby,” Marisa Pyle, 20, pronounced by a megaphone.

Ms. Pyle, a tyro during a University of Georgia and an organizer of Saturday’s convene in Lumpkin County, challenged critics of a demonstrations opposite a country.

“I’m starting to consider they only wish to close us adult since they’re frightened of what we have to say,” Ms. Pyle said.

Young people were sparse in a throng dominated by people in center age and older. There were few signs of counterprotesters. But as Ms. Pyle led a hurl call of a Stoneman Douglas victims, a male in a flitting car yelled: “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

In Anchorage, a largest city in Alaska, marchers collected in continue that appearance above frozen around noon.


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Alaska has not seen a propagandize sharpened in dual decades, though it has a top rates of both gun-related deaths and suicides in a nation.

High schoolers incited out in jean jackets and hoodies, and shoveled sleet to transparent paths for one another in a 24-degree weather.

“Do we know how it feels to have a principal fake over a intercom that a shooter is walking your way?” Elsa Hoppenworth, a 16-year-old youth during West Anchorage High School, asked a entertaining crowd. “Those who do not minister to change minister to a death.”

Melanie Anderson, a 44-year-old center propagandize teacher, hold adult a pointer that pronounced “teacher, not pointy shooter.”

Keenly wakeful that Alaska is a pro-gun state, a students who marched and done speeches were clever to make transparent that they were seeking medium reinforcements on existent gun laws, rather than all-out bans.

The summary resonated for Chicago residents all too informed with gun violence.

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