Lord Grey School defends uniform formula that protects ‘not really slim’ girls from bullying

April 19, 2016 - School Uniform

Headteacher says propagandize uniform formula 'helps strengthen girls who are not really slim opposite bullying'
The propagandize came underneath glow for branch pupils divided for bad dress (Picture: INS)

A headteacher has shielded her school’s clampdown on uniform violations by observant that it protects girls ‘who are not really slim’ from bullying.

Graduates during these unis acquire reduction than propagandize leavers

Dr Tracey Jones, headteacher during Lord Grey School in Milton Keynes, writes in a minute on uniform standards that ‘standards have slipped’ given a ‘big uniform pull and clampdown in 2013’ and she wants to ‘clarify a issue’ following national attention for branch divided girls for not sauce a right way.

Dr Jones says that a propagandize has taken a tough position on uniform since it trains students to follow manners after in life and prepares them for what will be approaching from multitude when they are adults. She also writes that parsimonious wardrobe ’emphasises a heftiness’ of girls ‘who are not really slim’ and ‘this creates them disposed to bullying’.

‘If everybody is lonesome adult in somewhat lax clothing, there is reduction bullying over physique figure and size,’ she writes.

INS News Agency Ltd 18/04/2016 A conduct clergyman clamping down on propagandize uniform violations has strike out and pronounced currently (Mon) she is doing it to strengthen girls disposed to heftiness from being bullied. Around 30 girls had been sent home from a delegate propagandize for wearing too parsimonious spare trousers or too brief skirts call snub from parents. Head clergyman Dr Tracey Jones waded into a outcry by observant that a uniform was adult to a propagandize to levy and that too parsimonious wardrobe emphasised a heftiness of some pupils that was unflattering. Picture shows minute from a headteacher on uniform standards. See duplicate INS
‘Skinny fit trousers and really brief skirts are not graceful to a incomparable girl.’ (Picture: INS)

‘Skinny fit trousers and really brief skirts are not graceful to a incomparable lady and make her disposed to meant comments from peers. The propagandize does not wish this – so a need for looser wardrobe to be advise by all.’

Single-sex schools contingency adjust to accommodate trans pupils, training kinship hears

Lord Grey was indicted of ‘promoting plant blaming’ by some buliding after 29 girls were incited divided during a gates since their trousers were too parsimonious or their skirts too short.

At a time, Dr Jones pronounced that womanlike students should ‘look kind and medium and not seem over-sexualised.’

‘We have a building retard with 6 flights of stairs. The final thing we wish is boys peering adult girls’ skirts while they are climbing a stairs,’ she said.

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