Listening sessions set for propagandize uniform policy

May 6, 2017 - School Uniform

The Pitt County Board of Education is hosting 4 listening sessions about to give relatives a possibility to give their submit on a propagandize system’s uniform policy.  

The listening sessions will be hold during 5:30 p.m. Monday during Wintergreen Intermediate media core and C.M. Eppes Middle School media center; 6:30 p.m. on Thursday during Wellcome Middle School; and 6 p.m. May 17 during Lakeforest Elementary School.

Travis Lewis, orator for Pitt County Schools, pronounced a sessions were determined following contention of a process during a house of preparation assembly in  April. Board members will be during a sessions essentially to listen and facilitate. 

“As a outcome of a contention and feedback from parents, they motionless to cruise to revisit a process and wish relatives feedback on that,” Lewis said.

School house member Melinda Fagundus pronounced carrying some-more information and discussion parents’ opinions will assistance a house make an sensitive decision.

“We need their submit to make decisions that people are happy with, and we wish a submit of a parents,” Fagundas said. 

According to Pitt County Schools Uniform and Appearance Policy, in further to being compulsory to wear propagandize uniforms, all students are to be neat and dressed reasonably for propagandize and school’s activities. A student’s dress or coming shall not interrupt a training environment, consecrate no hazard to health or safety, be beautiful and incompetent to be construed as provocative or pornographic and simulate good hygiene practices and cleanliness.

But some schools can vary from a process by permitting “spirit wear” with propagandize logos or installation days to wear swap clothing..

The Pitt County Schools Code of Conduct states that students shall approve with discipline for suitable dress and appearance. The student’s initial offense formula in a tyro carrying a event to change into excusable wardrobe or job a primogenitor or defender to move correct clothing. Students that do not approve could be placed in in-school cessation or siege for a residue of a propagandize day. 

A second offense could be deliberate defiance, according to a school’s formula of conduct, and a parent-teacher discussion might be hold in further to disciplinary actions for a initial offense. Three-time offenders might be released from participating in certain propagandize programs, including graduation ceremonies. 

Students new to a propagandize complement are supposing a two-week beauty duration from enrollment to obtain and wear a correct uniform, according to a formula of conduct.

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