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July 4, 2015 - School Uniform

To a editor,

I am a long-time proprietor of Beacon Falls, carrying attended both Laurel Ledge and Long River Middle School in a 1980s, and a mom to a 6-year-old who will be starting Laurel Ledge Elementary School this fall. In a final dual weeks, we have review about parents’ non-support of a propagandize uniform process in Region 16, though we have review small in support of a effort.

I privately extol a thought of a propagandize uniform process because, distinct my peers that state, “there is no design justification that uniforms assistance a propagandize district,” we have found that there is copiousness of justification if one takes a time to investigate several propagandize districts that have changed to a uniform policy. we also find that there are a crowd of advantages in carrying uniforms that are empirically proven though wanting studies or statistics. These advantages embody a cost assets on clothing, reduction daze in a classroom, an increasing feeling of propagandize honour and village spirit, and an bargain of how one’s dress measures a person’s success, not only in a classroom, though in a workplace where certain dress clothes is approaching if not mandated.

Opponents of a propagandize uniform or dress formula process explain that uniforms would be some-more costly, though many people find that when children are singular to wearing a same outfit any day, they are spending less. We know a span of Nike Air Jordan sneakers quadruples a cost of a standard black Oxford shoe that can be purchased roughly anywhere. We also know that uniforms discharge a regard of children wanting to dress or replicate a outfits of their affluent peers, that is possibly too costly or simply unobtainable.

Uniforms in a classroom also yield reduction distraction. Doris Jo Murphy, EdD, former executive of margin practice during a University of North Texas College of Education, states “As an facile partner principal in dual suburban districts, we can tell we that a dress formula took adult a good understanding of my time in a area of discipline. … we wished many times that we had uniforms since a emanate of skirts or shorts being too short, and relaxed jeans and pants on a boys not being pulled adult as they indispensable to be, would have been a non-issue.”

While it has been settled that “there have been no disciplinary actions taken due to dress or appearance” in Region 16 this year, it is improbable to consider all of a students have dressed in an appropriate, veteran and non-disruptive manner. Teenagers are famous for contrast boundaries, and students, quite in youth high and high school, will spend some-more time gawking during a provocatively dressed teen than examination how an algebra clergyman solves a problem on a board. Simply stated, dress codes in open schools are messy these days, and while inapt dress might not minister to all disruptions in a classroom, they positively do minister to some of them.

Finally, it is a obvious fact that uniforms/dress codes plead a clarity of honour and village suggestion in schools, places or work, sports teams and a military. Many places of work — from hospitals, military departments, glow departments, hotel chains, restaurants, wardrobe stores, and even corporate America — need some form of uniform or dress code. The same goes for a sports teams and inhabitant clubs and organizations. Uniforms raise a person’s feeling of belonging, they brand people as being partial of a team, and many times, they boost a altogether spirit of an organization. Private schools know this, corporate America knows this, inhabitant ball teams and football leagues know this, and so do a group and women in uniform.

My son can wear all a Minecraft shirts he wants to during home; during school, we wish him to feel like he’s partial of something some-more critical and he’s doing something some-more critical — and that is removing an preparation and being prepared for a work place that will many expected wish him to heed to a same form of dress formula standards that we are deliberating today.

Annette Bosley-Boyce

Beacon Falls

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