‘Learned pervert’ pens Lolita book on Taiwan’s propagandize uniforms

April 7, 2015 - School Uniform

In a print from Liu’s book, a indication wears a uniform of a Affiliated Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. (Photo/China Times)

Liu Yang-ming, a 35-year-old blogger from Taiwan, has created a book about his illusion for high propagandize girls’ uniforms from a sociological viewpoint — or so he told a sister paper China Times.

The book, patrician Uniform Fetishism, is in fact a stipulation of his “uniform complex,” admits a author.

All Liu’s friends know that he is a bit “twisted” behind a clearly honest appearance. “I travel into schools to get a good demeanour during a students. To me, girl is a outrageous stimulus,” pronounced Liu, who seeks to destigmatize his slant by study it entirely from several angles that embody sociology and a story of clothes. “A pervert, yes, though a schooled one,” he said.

In his book, Liu takes a light tinge as he discusses a constrictions of that uniforms levy on a immature physique and a allure that derives from it, and addresses topics like a growth of Taiwan’s high propagandize uniform and fetishism.

The uniform represents a nation’s category control of preparation by suppressing individualism and countenance of emotions. The clarity of repression, however, triggers creativity among youngsters and motivates them to brew and compare a plain, one attire to criticise a uniformity.

The author embeds retrospections of his younger days in his fanciful arguments. The book also comes with some-more than 200 photos of immature girls in high propagandize uniforms from opposite a island, taken by another campus shirt-and-skirt fan Shih Wang-chi.

Liu, who is married, pronounced his mother is accustomed to his uniform fever. Men like him are mostly misunderstood by society, he claims. “The immature girls are wantonness and free, in contrariety to grown-up group with their complicated amicable burdens,” he said. “They can change a world. They are a saviors of us masculine middle-agers.”


Liu Yang-ming 劉揚銘

Shih Wang-chi 史旺基

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