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June 17, 2017 - School Uniform

In a emanate of a argumentative new pattern of propagandize uniforms of St Alphonsa Public School, Aruvithura in Kottayam, a photographer who took a images of a 3 girls who wore a uniform, has been charged underneath POCSO.

The new pattern had been termed ‘vulgar’ by some people.

Erattupetta military have slapped a box of Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) opposite Bose Eapen, who owns a studio named Gloria nearby a school.

It all began when a photographer, Zachariah Ponkunnam, posted a print taken by Bose Eapen, on Facebook of a 3 girls wearing a uniform. In a post, he settled that a propagandize uniform was designed obscenely. The post went viral and many amicable media users came down heavily on a propagandize authorities, concurring with Zachariah that a uniform was indecent.

Interestingly, a comments on Zachariah’s post were mostly from men, many of who had been creation rather coarse comments and posting pornographic cinema and memes to quarrel a viewed ‘vulgarity’ of a uniform.

Though a propagandize authorities and Parents Teachers Association primarily refused to act, they had to after change a uniform for lady students from category 5 to 10 as a students were vexed over a incident. Instead of a half jacket, that had led to a controversy, a uniform was altered to an overcoat. The propagandize also sensitive that a government will bear a losses for it.

PTA boss Sabu Cyriac told media that they altered a uniform not since they did something wrong though since a children were dissapoint about it. He also pronounced that they would pierce legally opposite people behind this.

Bose was charged with POCSO formed on a censure filed by PTA. However, he says that a propagandize has left after him for indicating out their flaws.

“Now they have taken revenge. we have taken cinema since many relatives have complained about a uniform. Now they won’t tell it as they are frightened of a propagandize management,” he told reporters in Kottayam.

Meanwhile, Bose has sought anticipatory bail. “There was no basement in a complaint. It is an conflict opposite me for indicating out a mistake,” he said.


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