September 11, 2016 -

Videograb of the moment where head teacher Matthew Tate was confronted by angry parent Dave Hopper after his daughter was sent home for wearing the wrong shoes, September 7 2016. See National News story NNSCHOOL; An angry parent has told Kent Live that his daughter will be attending school dressed exactly as she was today – even after being sent home for wearing an ”unacceptable” pair of shoes. Kim Hopper was due to be starting her first day of year 9 this morning, but along with 60 others, was sent home under a strict new approach from new head Matthew Tate ”to promote pride in students appearance.” Allison Hopper had bought her 13-year-old daughter two pairs of shoes over the holidays, but found out at the school gates that neither were acceptable, and Kim would have to leave until a more suitable pair were used.