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September 11, 2016 - School Uniform

DID anyone else locate a footage of raging propagandize father Dave Hopper laying into his daughter’s new headteacher outward Hartsdown Academy in Margate this week?

Hopper indicted Matthew Tate of being “disgusting” and “abhorrent”.


Dad Dave Hopper laid into his daughter’s headteacher for branch her divided from school

He also used a word “Gestapo” to report a headteacher’s proceed to using a school.

Tate’s crime? Turning divided students who weren’t wearing a scold uniform.

This was after a minute was sent out in Jul warning this was on a cards and explaining uniform expectations.

Tate incited divided 50 pupils on day one and another 20 on day dual including — on both days — Hopper’s 13-year-old daughter.

Hartsdown Academy uniform crackdown

Hartsdown Academy uniform crackdown . . . headteacher Matthew Tate

On day three, Hopper took a step of bringing someone with a camera with him to record his, no doubt premeditated, created conflict on a headteacher.

After being told his daughter indispensable leather boots instead of suede before she’d be authorised into school, Hopper sensitive a conduct that his daughter would not be returning as a student during all.

At that point, we can usually imagine, a conduct substantially breathed a outrageous whine of relief.

My regard is, what kind of summary is Dave Hopper promulgation to his daughter?

I can usually suspect he is one of those people who cruise manners are finished to be broken. Some competence contend he wants his children to cruise for themselves, to mount out, to mount adult to and doubt management rather than usually fit in — and that this is a approach to go about it.

I agree, by a way, that it’s good to be means to cruise for yourself. Indeed, it’s a symbol of any entrepreneur. But before many entrepreneurs work for themselves, they have to work for someone else.

Hartsdown Academy

Hopper has pulled his daughter Kim out of a propagandize . . . over a issue

Hartsdown Academy

Suede . . . a propagandize pronounced Kim didn’t have a right shoes

And when we cruise that propagandize is a initial step in training fortify and scheming to join a universe of work, it’s flattering simple: Every schoolchild needs to learn how to fit in with a rules, no matter how petty, purposeless or annoying they competence seem.

Being partial of any group means being means to toe a line. Which, by a way, does not in any approach stop we from meditative outward a box.

Making swell is about removing on with your peers, being enthusiastic, branch adult on time and not giving your employees or trainer a tough time.

And it’s about following a rules, either we determine with them or not.

I theory Mr Militant Dad thinks he is holding a hero’s stance.

Headmaster defends uniform position on Good Morning Britain

Hartsdown Academy

On Wednesday 20 some-more were not authorised into a school

Hartsdown Academy

Youcan see what Tate is perplexing to do — and good on him

But I’m contemptible to contend that all a universe sees is an indignant small male perplexing to use bully-boy strategy to repress a headteacher, who stood his belligerent impressively.

It’s a same genius shown by people who collect on trade wardens to opening their annoy when everybody knows that if we park on a yellow line, we get a ticket.

I call it “lack of management syndrome”.

The thing about propagandize uniform is that it creates an even personification field.

No one knows either we emporium during Primark or Harrods, that is a ransom to many children.

Also, it’s a start of removing into a slight — we get up, put your uniform on and get prepared to learn, though wasting hours worrying about your appearance.

He’s laid down a bounds

The same thing continues when we put on a fit or uniform to start work.

On that note, even now I’m a boss, we don’t wear what we wish to wear to work — leggings and a T-shirt. we wear my possess chronicle of a uniform.

It’s all partial of removing your opinion right.

So we can see what Matthew Tate is perplexing to do — and good on him.

But of course, this isn’t usually about uniform. It’s about removing students to know that there is someone in charge . . . and it’s not them.


Bravo to despotic uniform manners . . . it’ll compensate off in a destiny for students

And carrying watched Tate’s impressively ease face-off with Hopper, we reckon that, nonetheless he competence have had a initial week of tenure from hell, from here on it will be plain sailing.

Now that he’s drawn this zero-tolerance line in a sand, his students know a understanding so he won’t have to be so heavy-handed.

He’s laid down a boundaries. And a disproportion between him and a primogenitor is that he’s not dark by worrying that a bad small darlings can’t wear a boots they like.

Instead, and distant some-more importantly, he is saying: “We are a critical institution. Turn adult prepared to learn and get on with it — or don’t spin adult during all.”

Bravo to that!


Rob’s found his angel

Celebrity Party - The 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Robbie’s new mom is beautiful and a good singer . . . good choice

I REALLY like a sound of Robbie Williams’s wife, Ayda Field, who clearly spends most of a time mercilessly holding a mickey out of her husband.

She mentioned in an talk recently, no doubt with a bit of an eye-roll, that Robbie tells her several times a day that he is a inhabitant treasure.

She is a ideal remedy to a demons that led to Williams being so messed adult that he once said: “I ran out of heroin so we attempted heroin.”

She’s funny, irreverent, a poetic mother, not to discuss beautiful and a good actress.

He’s happy and sorted and she is vital covenant to a energy of carrying a good lady by your side.

Good for them. But we wish he knows he’s a propitious sod.


Double trouble

SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversations With The Night Manager

Bad news for Tom Hiddleston comes in twos

TWO pieces of bad news for Tom Hiddleston in one week.

First it looks like there is no possibility of him alighting a James Bond part, after all.

The film’s producers are so penetrating for Daniel Craig to reprise a role, they’re charity him stupid income to do so.

And afterwards it turns out that his high-profile intrigue with Taylor Swift has come to an finish as well.

I suspect it’s frequency surprising, given that someone pulpy fast-forward and they lived 5 years’ value of intrigue in 5 months.

Only a disbeliever would advise it’s usually that Taylor has served her purpose.


  • APPARENTLY, sick patients will shortly be speedy to enter their symptoms into an NHS website to get an online diagnosis giveaway of tellurian hit as partial of an enlargement of a 111 hotline.
    I’m all for potency though what’s subsequent – a DIY medicine kit?


THERE’S another new trend in town: The crotch-baring dress, as seen here on indication Giulia Salemi.

The doubt people are seeking is either we are dauntless adequate to wear it.

To that a apparent answer is: “Of march not.”

But afterwards again, we theory they are not meant to be ragged by 47-year-old women.

Or for that matter, by anyone aged 20 years old.

With prolonged brownish-red hair. Called Sophia. Who happens to be my daughter.

Sophia, we wish we are reading this: You have been warned.

Rise to it girls, it’ll compensate off

Gender compensate gap

According to new research, women ask for compensate rises usually as mostly as men

IT is a law zodiacally concurred that a reason women get paid reduction than group is during slightest partly since they’re fearful to ask for a compensate rise. Right?

Wrong! Well, it is according to new research, that shows that women ask for compensate rises usually as mostly as men. It’s usually that group are 25 per cent some-more expected to get them.

“Having seen these findings, we cruise we have to accept that there is some component of pristine taste opposite women,” pronounced investigate co-author Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics and Behavioural Science during a University of Warwick.

While It competence be loyal that there is taste opposite women, we take emanate with anyone who says we have to accept it.

There is some good news, namely that immature women are some-more successful during negotiating compensate and conditions than comparison women.

So things are changing and hopefully will continue to do so. Although a pivotal factor, of course, is carrying kids. That is when a wheels come off and a gender compensate opening starts to unequivocally emerge.

If we do wish to ask for a compensate arise here’s my advice: Be laconic about because we should get one, focusing on what you’ve finished to merit it. If a answer is no, ask for targets to safeguard subsequent time we ask, it’s a yes.

The other choice of march is to go and see how easy it is to get paid what we cruise you’re value somewhere else . . .

  • READING Victoria Beckham’s minute to her 18-year-old self, where she suggests she has acne, is fat and loves a footballer, got me meditative what her relatives would have created to her during that age. “It’s usually a spot, we are not fat and footballers are usually meddlesome in girls, cars and a distance of their willies” would sum it adult nicely.

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