Japanese schoolgirl roomwear takes soldier fit uniform to another turn as wearable blanket

December 9, 2016 - School Uniform


We’ve seen some crazy things from Japan, though this is a initial time we’ve ever seen a sweeping dressed adult as a propagandize uniform.

Bibi Lab, a Japanese tradesman famous for bringing out crazy equipment like a Cotton Wife, a rolling umbrella and the twintails pillow, has been creation news recently for their Sera Kore (“Sailor Collection”) line of uniform-style persperate suits. Bibi Lab initial ventured into a area of sailor-style roomwear for a home with a fleecy men’s version expelled final year. Following a outrageous success, the company released a lineup of Sera Kore spring and winter designs, and now as we get into a inlet of winter, they’ve come adult with an even cosier resolution to keep a indoor propagandize uniform trend alive until spring.

▼ Say hello to a “Sera Kore Wearable Blanket Type Sailor Uniform Pyjamas”.


Now that we’re all used to a thought of a fleecy propagandize uniform, interjection to Bibi Lab’s previous roomwear collections, a company is now giving us a wearable sweeping that looks like a soldier uniform. Despite a “pyjama” classification, this ample outfit is designed to keep a wearer comfortable while lounging around at home.


The long, flared dress character creates it easy to travel around a house, and even whirl around in like a schoolgirl if we wish to, though a pattern unequivocally comes into a possess when ragged in a seated position.


According to a makers, this is when it becomes a “Self Kotatsu”, definition it traps feverishness around a legs in a same approach as a kotatsu, that is a low, blanketed list versed with a heater underneath.


And since a outfit doubles as pyjamas, we won’t have to worry about removing altered and exposing your skin to a cold before bedtime. Although it competence feel bizarre during initial to deposit off to nap while wearing a Japanese-style uniform.


▼ We consternation if Japanese schoolgirls wish they could wear this during propagandize instead of their possess uniforms, to help cope with those frozen classrooms.


The thick fleece element extends to a sailor-style collar, that means people around we can use a outfit to keep their hands comfortable too!


The wearable sweeping is currently accessible to purchase from online retailers like Amazon Japan, Rakuten and Village Vanguard, where it’s sole in one distance and has a endorsed sell cost of 9,720 yen (US$85.66). With so many uncanny nonetheless smashing features, we’re certain this is going to be another renouned strike for a Bibi Lab team!

Source, images: Bibi Lab

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