Japanese tradesman releases 3 lovable & comfy high propagandize “uniforms” to wear around a house

April 20, 2016 - School Uniform


This new high propagandize room wear collection is directed during adult women—but wouldn’t it feel uncanny wearing a uniforms so prolonged after graduation?

If looking during those men’s propagandize uniform pajamas done we immature with envy, never fear—these new one-piece outfits are done with some-more delicate frames in mind!

BIBILAB, an online code that offers a artistic take on home and bureau accessories, has taken impulse from a many iconic propagandize uniform styles over a past 30–40 years and incited them into 3 opposite lounge-worthy one-piece designs that can be ragged about a house.


Each square fits over a conduct like a dress, with stretchier element than your normal uniform, creation them not usually comfortable, though washable to boot.


Popular cosplayer Ayato Nikukyu models any character from a 70s/80s, 90s, and 00s, and a photographer who shot these models is nothing other than Yukkey, a same man who previously showed us these amazing cosplay print tricks.

▼ Sukeban-style from a 70s/80s


▼ Kogal-style from a 90s


▼ JK-style from a 00s


As partial of a pattern process, BIBILAB polled a series of Japanese respondents in sequence to see that styles users many preferred, as good as their uniform-wearing habits, or miss of, after graduation. Here’s what they asked:

1. What kind of high propagandize uniform did we have?


2. Which pivotal uniform object was renouned during your high propagandize years?


3. Have we ever ragged a high propagandize uniform after graduation?


4. Would we be open to wearing a propagandize uniform around city now?


5. Do we wish to try wearing one again?


6. Which pivotal uniform object would we like to wear again if we had a opportunity?


And for a guys…

7. Has your partner or mother ever ragged a high propagandize uniform after graduation?


8.Which pivotal uniform object would we like to a see on a girl?


So, ladies, should we find yourself a Japanese beloved or if we already have one, it’s rarely expected he’d be anxious to see we enclose a Japanese propagandize lady uniform. Not usually would one of these pieces would make a unsentimental option, though if you’re sap of being seen wearing one in public, no problem! They were most meant for staying inside and in bed all day. You can get yours on Amazon here!

Feature/insert images: BIBILAB  (1, 2)

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