Is this NZ’s priciest competition shirt?

February 15, 2015 - School Uniform

Carolyn Bromhead with Oscar in his $62.50 shirt. Photo / Jason Dorday
Carolyn Bromhead with Oscar in his $62.50 shirt. Photo / Jason Dorday

Furious relatives in an upmarket city suburb are digging low for what could be a country’s many costly propagandize PE tops.

Sports T-shirts for a new propagandize year during Parnell District School in Auckland cost $62.50 each.

Tops in other schools in a city are accessible from as small as $11.50.

Some Parnell relatives were serve hurt when a order was introduced final week observant a shirts can usually be ragged on a one day of a week when students have PE.

Students were formerly authorised to wear them any day as partial of their uniform, pronounced mother-of-two Charmaine Williams, whose 9-year-old son Sid is in Year 5.

“I was repelled a PE shirts cost some-more than $60,” she said. “I bought a identical tip for Sid final year and he wore it to propagandize all a time. we designed to get him a new one for this year, though not any more.”

Carolyn Bromhead was seething during carrying to flare out $62.50 for a tip for her son Oscar, aged 9.

“Even for uppity Parnell this is a disgrace,” she said.

Another parent, Julyan Lawry, paid $250 for 4 PE tops for her twin daughters, Emily and Alice, aged 6.

“I baulked during a cost though suspicion a girls could wear them any day so we took a large sup and got them dual each. we was unequivocally indignant when relatives were afterwards told they can usually be ragged on PE days. Now we will have to buy other shirts, too.

“The sports tops are bullion phony though for that arrange of income they should have genuine bullion thread.”

The screen-printed T-shirts for a decile 9 primary are only accessible from a School Uniform Centre in Remuera. However, students with no sports uniform can wear a Parnell propagandize polo on PE days instead.

Other sports T-shirts on sale from a School Uniform Centre embody an $11.50 tip for decile 7 Kaipara College in Helensville. Shirts for several other schools operation from $26.50 to only over $50.

Elsewhere, a Calvin Klein Men’s T-Shirt is accessible during Farmers for $35.95 (or $28.76 on sale), and a PE shirt for disdainful Auckland Grammar costs $60.

Gary Cain, Parnell District School principal, remarkable a shirts were “surprisingly expensive”.

“The kids like a tops since they are really light and ideal for summer, though it seems they have leaped adult in price,” he said.

“I have contacted a suppliers seeking for a relapse in costs and will examination a conditions once we have perceived a reply.”

Cain combined used sports shirts could be performed from a propagandize for as small as $5.

Maureen Little, manager of Presbyterian Support budgeting use in Auckland, pronounced some relatives cut behind on essentials to compensate for propagandize uniforms.

“Because Parnell is a high decile propagandize it is insincere everybody who sends kids there will be wealthy, that will not be a case.”

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