‘If kids are not in propagandize uniform, how will we know they are minors?’, ask Gurgaon tobacco vendors

February 28, 2017 - School Uniform

Over a past few months, Gurgaon has stepped adult a efforts to forestall minors from smoking or regulating other tobacco products. In a final 8 months, 2,302 challans have been expelled in Gurgaon to those violating a Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA). The information was expelled by Sandeep Khirwar, a Gurgaon police commissioner, during a new eventuality on tobacco-free Haryana.

The Gurgaon Police also recently purebred a state’s initial box ( and a country’s second) underneath Section 77 of a Juvenile Justice (JJ) Act opposite a store owner, who was arrested for allegedly helping a teenager to sell tobacco products and cigarettes. The Act, nice final year, aims to quell tobacco use among minors, and prosecutes adults who assist them. It prescribes despotic punishment for anyone who gives or causes to give tobacco products to children – severe seizure for adult to 7 years and excellent adult to Rs1 lakh.

After a new detain and Rs 1 lakh fine, vendors offered tobacco products in Gurgaon are a frightened lot. They contend that there is no approach for them to know if a patron is a teenager and that relatives should also be hold obliged if minors are hold smoking.

(BCCL/ Ajay Kumar Gautam)

Before this case, we didn’t know about a Rs1 lakh fine: Vendors

A store owners in Sector 56 tells us, “A few vendors in a area were fined for offered cigarettes to minors, though a excellent of Rs1 lakh is unimaginable! Before a new arrest, we didn’t even know that there was such a law. Now, we am being really clever about who we sell tobacco products to.”

After a arrest, shopkeepers and vendors have started branch divided propagandize students. A businessman in Sushant Lok says, “I have refused to sell cigarettes to many students. But they get violent and disagree a lot when we refuse. The customary answer is, ‘Paise de raha hoon na?’ Now we have started replying ki, Rs10 nahin, ek lakh de do. Jab military pakdegi toh categorical unko de doonga.’ They disagree and leave. Agar woh propagandize uniform mein hote hain toh pata chal jata hai ki teenager hai. If they are not in uniform, afterwards we give them a cigarette. Ab ID toh nahin maang sakte hain na cigarette bechne ke pehle?”

‘The military should challan a relatives also’

All a vendors we spoke to pronounced that they are being additional discreet though relatives should also be hold obliged if minors are hold smoking. A businessman in Sector 54 says, “I used to have my emporium nearby a propagandize in this area, though now we have changed from there. Par agar categorical nahin bechunga toh koi aur bechega. It doesn’t matter to a patron who is offered a products. Jise chahiye woh jugaad kar lega.”

Another businessman in Sadar Bazar area says, “When they are not in propagandize uniforms, how are we ostensible to know if they are minors or not? Last year, we had put adult a notice observant that we don’t sell cigarettes to minors. But after dual days, somebody tore it off. It’s astray to challan usually a tobacco sellers. Parents should also be challaned for their kids’ mistakes.”

We don’t concede youngsters to fume in front of a shops

The vendors told us that after a arrest, they don’t concede those in propagandize uniforms to fume outward their shops. A businessman in Sector 29 tells us, “You won’t mark groups of propagandize boys in front of kiosks offered cigarettes now. But if we don’t sell cigarettes to them, they get it home delivered from shops. We can't be usually obliged for implementing these laws. Ask any shopkeeper ki kitni home smoothness hoti hai cigarettes ki and that will give we a genuine picture.” The shopkeepers say on a record that usually adults opt for home delivery.

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