How These Boys Defied Gender Norms in Order to Beat a School’s Uniform Policy

July 24, 2016 - School Uniform

It’s not each day that boys wear skirts, though that’s exactly what 4 British teenagers did in sequence to display a double customary in their school’s uniform policy.

Four 14-year-old boys during Longhill High School in a English review city of Brighton motionless to wear skirts to propagandize after they were reprimanded and sent home for wearing a school’s gym shorts during a record-breaking feverishness wave, UK announcement The Argus reported. 

Michael Parker, Kodi Ailing, George Boyland, and Jesse Stringer took movement on Tuesday after they satisfied their propagandize process authorised girls to wear skirts and uncover their legs, though not boys.

“It’s not satisfactory for boys to be roasting in black trousers on a hottest day of a year while a girls can wear skirts,” Parker said, according to Mashable.

Michael Parker’s mother, Angela Parker, called a propagandize dress formula “discriminatory” and claimed a propagandize did not make it easy for students to stay cool.

“It’s discriminatory opposite boys; because should they be punished?” Angela Parker told “The propagandize doesn’t let them have a splash of H2O during class, and a bedrooms aren’t atmosphere conditioned.” (School officials pronounced that students do get H2O and are done to feel as gentle as possible.)

The boys wore navy pleated skirts behind to school.

Teachers protested a boys’ preference to wear a skirts, though propagandize headmistress Kate Williams said in a statement that it was OK for a boys to wear a skirts underneath a school’s policy, according to a Daily Mail.

“Students can select to wear any partial of a concluded propagandize uniform,” Williams said.

The emanate brings adult a incomparable indicate about a risk of gender norms and dress codes.

Society deems what is suitable for group and women to wear, that can have consequences. If skirts are deliberate feminine, group might feel compelled to equivocate them to safety their masculinity — even if they could be some-more gentle in them. At Longhill High School, 4 students demonstrated that they could gibe amicable gathering to stay cold during a afternoon heat.

[H/T: Daily Mail]

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