High School Draws Criticism for Not Letting Marine Walk during Graduation While in Uniform

May 23, 2016 - School Uniform

A suburban Chicago propagandize district is underneath glow after propagandize officials refused to let a high propagandize tyro travel during graduation given she was wearing a troops uniform instead of a tip and gown.

According to students, McHenry High School West Campus did not let Megan Howerton, a U.S. Marine, travel during a school’s graduation rite Thursday night, citing a dress formula emanate given she was wearing her dress blues. 

News of a preference was posted to amicable media, where it influenced debate among many and sparked a hashtag #Letmeganwalk.

McHenry Community High School District 156 addressed a critique in a matter Friday, observant “the courtesy associated to final night’s graduation rite during McHenry High School West Campus is hapless and draws courtesy divided from a common achievements of a Class of 2016.”

“The district and administration in no approach looked to forestall a appearance of this connoisseur or any connoisseur who has selected to offer a nation,” a matter read. “Rather, a administration communicated in allege around letter, comparison meeting, and practice, all a protocols approaching of graduates, including attire. In some past cases, active-duty students inaugurated to wear their gowns over tip of their troops uniforms, with their troops hats, that was allowed. There was no communication to a administration that clothes protocols would not be followed before to a ceremony. The tradition of tip and robe regalia is directed during a thought that a graduates are distinguished as a whole and in identical attire.”

Many have given remarkable that it is opposite custom to cover adult a uniform, however.

According to a U.S. Marine Corps Uniform Board, wearing a tip and robe over a uniform is not authorised as it is deliberate identical to outerwear.

Sgt. Trevon Peracca also reliable Howerton is a Marine, observant she graduated early from a propagandize and finished foot camp.

“McHenry Community High School has a prolonged station story of zealous support for a troops branches of service,” a propagandize pronounced in a statement. “This includes particular approval of enlistees during a graduation rite itself, including enlistees in a display of a colors, and special approval to all veterans in a audience. In addition, a team-work with recruiters year-round, a day-long, Veteran’s Day module in a schools any year, and a accumulation of village use partnerships with internal veteran’s groups are priorities of a district.”

Howerton could not immediately be reached for comment.

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