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November 30, 2015 - School Uniform

  • Fashion engineer Tracy Reese visits Barnum School in Bridgeport, Conn., Friday, Nov. 20, 2015 to brainstorm with kids during her adopted Turnaround Arts propagandize on a pattern devise to raise their propagandize uniform. Photo: Autumn Driscoll / Hearst Connecticut Media / Connecticut Post



BRIDGEPORT — Carol Mendoza, 14, likes a Barnum School’s white and navy propagandize uniforms good enough.

But could it use a small jazzing up?

“Probably,” a eighth grader said. “I like to move my possess self to it.”

Enter conform engineer Tracy Reese, a school’s visiting artist. She and teachers during a pre-K by 8th category propagandize have hatched a devise to not usually accessorize a look, though assistance heed upperclassmen from a rest of a tyro body.

Between now and a early spring, students will be conceptualizing patches, sashes, pins and other splashes of tone to assistance them mount out.

That’s not all. All students during a propagandize have been tasked with conceptualizing outfits to fit a contention they someday see themselves in and are also formulation to horde a conform uncover featuring recycled materials such as newsprint and paper bags.

“I wish we to have fun with it,” Reese told students on a revisit to a propagandize final week. She wore a glossy bullion sequined dress and sweatshirt top, both of that she designed herself and hairy sandals that she called utterly comfortable.

Reese is one of 4 acclaimed artists interconnected with city schools this year as partial of a President’s Committee on Arts and a Humanities signature Turnaround Arts program. While Reese is reserved to Barnum, Hall School has engineer Thom Mayne, a Jettie S. Tisdale School has baseball-layer-turned-musician Bernie Williams and Hallen School has illusionist David Blaine.

The artists will revisit their adopted schools 3 or 4 times during this educational year to assistance students and teachers do some-more to incorporate art into a classroom. The suspicion is that humanities will eventually assistance boost educational opening and attendance.

“I wish to kindle their meditative and open their mind to possibilities,” Reese said.

Tayna Kelley, executive of behaving and visible humanities for a propagandize district pronounced staff and students came adult with a suspicion to jazz adult a propagandize uniforms, now that they have a New York conform engineer during their disposal.

“The suspicion was how can we make uniforms so students are some-more good to wear them,” Kelley said.

Uniforms have been a district process during a facile propagandize turn given 2009. Barnum Principal Ralph Paladino pronounced he has high appearance rate in his propagandize — about 95 percent.

Still, students like sixth grader Xiarilyz Montanez, 11, contend propagandize clothes is boring.

The day of Kelley’s visit, Xiarilyz had interconnected her white collared polo shirt with a vest, purse and colorful headband.

Reese, who grew adult in Detroit and went to open schools there, pronounced she never wore a uniform to propagandize though has a niece and nephews who do. She pronounced a suspicion of giving top classmen, quite eighth graders, something to assistance them mount out, was a good one.

Working with art clergyman Sarah-Jane Henry, eighth graders have already come adult with ideas for 4 patches, one of that includes a propagandize mascot — a tiger — and another that looks suspiciously like an button one competence find during Hogwarts.

Reese pronounced it would be good if a students could come adult with an inspirational word or dual to incorporate in a design. She will have her staff work adult a finished product into an festooned patch or iron on.

As for a younger grades, second graders in Patricia Miller’s category told Reese they wouldn’t mind something that combined glitter, paint or even stickers to their polos and khaki’s.

In Kathy Meyer’s fifth grade, students suspicion a cincture or a belt competence be a improved approach to mount out.

“They contend (uniforms) assistance though it doesn’t, Tabitha Hernandez, 10, whispered. “I creates everybody feel a same.”

Chances are a uniform enhancements won’t be finish til someday after Reese and her group of 5 designers are finished with Fashion Week in New York, a second week in February.

By afterwards all students are also approaching to investigate and pattern something they would wear in their destiny professions.

“I wish we to emanate something that is singly yours,” Reese told students. “It is also critical that it is comfortable.”

Reese pronounced she wears a wardrobe she designs to make certain it works, isn’t too parsimonious or itchy.

“And we wish people to say, ‘Hey, we like that,’” she said.

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