Headteacher Anne Lakey jailed for 8 years for sex with underage masculine pupils

June 25, 2015 - School Uniform

Anne Lakey, 55, was handed a judgment during Teesside Crown Court currently after being convicted of indecently assaulting a dual boys in a 1980s.

She allegedly took a decency of both pupils, seducing one in propagandize uniform when he was 13 or 14, and encouraging another to hide into her tent during a camping outing when he was 15.

Lakey, from Stanley in County Durham, was once hailed as a idealist for branch around a unwell propagandize and creation it one of a many softened in a country.

Anne Lakey during Teesside Crown CourtAnne Lakey took a decency of dual underage boys in a 1980s

She had denied indiscretion during her trial, claiming she had a consensual passionate attribute with a comparison plant when he was 18 and she was in her 30s.

But a jury during Teesside Crown Court convicted her yesterday of 13 depends of faulty attack over a three-year duration while operative as a story and RE clergyman in Sunderland.

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Teacher took boy’s decency in a tent during trip
Lakey had sex with student during home while father was out

At today’s sentencing hearing, Judge Howard Crowson told Lakey: “You used pointed warning and flattery, enlivening any child to take his initial indeterminate passionate stairs with you.”

He pronounced she had been “an inspirational clergyman and personality of schools” that had “improved a lives of many juvenile people” though preyed on children.

The decider continued: “You depraved dual boys about half your age. They were genuine and immature.”

Fyndoune Community College in SacristonLakey had been praised for her work during Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston

Tim Roberts, fortifying Lakey, pronounced his customer was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and indispensable ongoing treatment.

Her father, third father David and daughter were in a open gallery and she mouthed “I adore you” as she was led divided following a jail sentence.

A counsel for a prosecution, Caroline Goodwin, described Lakey’s offending as a “gross crack of trust”.

She review out a matter from a younger victim, saying: “As a child we suspicion it was good what was happening, though now we see it for what it was – wrong.”

He had progressing called his former clergyman a “disgusting passionate monster” in a email to her propagandize that named a second plant and sparked a military review some-more than dual years ago.

The male told a justice they regularly had sex during her home while her father was out and that Lakey asked him to call her “mummy” and let him play law-breaker to accommodate her.

The comparison victim’s matter said: “I realize we was a plant of passionate exploitation and we feel a clarity of contrition that we authorised myself to be in that position.”

He told a jury that after he was primarily seduced in a tent, Lakey invited him to her home to have sex, and that when military started questioning she phoned him seeking him to distortion to detectives.

Lakey had been dangling as arch executive of a Durham Federation, that runs dual delegate schools, given she was initial indicted by a younger victims in 2012.

He pronounced he wrote a email after reading a blog where his abuser described her “raison d’etre” being to assistance juvenile people.

The ashamed clergyman oversaw outrageous changes during Fyndoune Community College in Sacriston, that went from unwell to being rated as “outstanding”.

A Department for Education poster called Lakey as a “visionary leader” and described as “inspiring” by Sir Michael Wilshaw, England’s arch examiner of schools.

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