Head teachers colluding with propagandize uniform outlets to slice off parents

January 4, 2017 - School Uniform

A clergyman during St Mary’s Girls Primary propagandize in Nakuru takes by category one kids on how to review after they assimilated a propagandize for a initial time as schools non-stop for a new tenure on Jan 04, 2017. [PHOTO:KIPSANG JOSEPH/Standard]

Parents from opposite tools of a nation are indignant by new methods employed by heads of open primary and delegate schools to fleece them.

At Moi Primary School in Thika town, that is a open school, training was paralysed when relatives hold a pacific proof to criticism opposite additional charges they termed illegal.

They showed cost structures where a propagandize had introduced a cost of Sh45,000 for new parents. According to a structure, new relatives are compulsory to compensate Sh24,000 acknowledgment fee, Sh10,000 building fund, Sh3,500 fees, Sh2,300 for mechanism and Sh4,490 for feeding.

The Education Cabinet Secretary had warned movement would be taken opposite propagandize heads flouting fees discipline released by a ministry.

The indignant relatives also took emanate with Sh4,000 grant per primogenitor to erect a toilet and Sh500 annual subscription fee.


Lasting change needs institutions

The school, that is one a best behaving in a area, was forced to muster armed military to forestall indignant relatives from accessing a premises.

Led by James Maina, one of a parents’ member in a propagandize management, a relatives indicted a propagandize administration of branch a training establishment in to a income cow.

School managers

“Since a propagandize is many sought-after by relatives due to a glorious performance, a propagandize managers have taken advantage to extract from relatives unfortunate to safeguard their children are enrolled,” pronounced a parent.

Another parent, George Kinya, purported their energetic efforts to have a school’s audited accounts for a past few years had borne no fruit.

The relatives wondered given they were being charged a income nonetheless a propagandize was a open one saved by supervision by a Free Primary Education fund.

But a authority of a school’s Board of Management Njoroge Kugwa pronounced a relatives had validated a charges during their prior unchanging meetings.


Matiang’i orders special peculiarity review as concentration shifts to varsities

“The propagandize has been using like this for a past 25 years,” pronounced Kugwa.

Gatanga sub-county preparation officer James Koigi termed a income being levied on relatives as bootleg and unacceptable.

Charges suspended

“In a meantime, all those charges stays suspended. The propagandize feeding programme has also been stopped until serve notice and a propagandize should also reinstate all a bootleg monies they had collected,” pronounced Mr Koigi.

The conduct clergyman of a school, Mr William Kamau, declined to pronounce to a media.

The story is a same in Eldoret where relatives have voiced regard over a vast weight that awaits them as Form One preference routine concludes.

Their regard is especially pegged on vast squeeze of mattresses, buckets, slashers, pangas, hockey sticks, among other items, formed on a schools’ stating checklist.


Last notation behind to propagandize offered for Kenyan parents

Students fasten St Peter’s Boys Kandara pronounced they were ostensible to benefaction dual bankers cheques for Sh11,000 in foster of dual suppliers who were ostensible to give afterwards bedding and uniform.

“On stating day, we am ostensible to give a coupon of Sh4,500 in foster of a retailer to a propagandize so that my son can be released with a sweater, dual shorts, and trousers. The other retailer will get another coupon of Sh6,500 so that my son is released with a mattress, bedsheet and a bucket,” pronounced a endangered primogenitor .

Parents have also lifted regard over some schools rejecting used textbooks and grouping them to buy new ones from name book shops.

A used text businessman in a town, Mr Mike Njenga, pronounced a pierce had drastically reduced a series of business who routinely group his emporium during opening days.

“Most schools are now giving specifications on new textbooks and rejecting a used books, that are approach cheaper than shopping a new book. Only a few schools are now usurpation used textbooks,” Njenga said.

Another primogenitor whose daughter is to join Nginda Girls in a same county constructed an acknowledgment minute with specific demands.

“The propagandize uniform can be performed from Gloliza General Supplies during a cost of Sh10,240 and be deposited to Gloliza General Supplies, Account number….. The bank slips are to be presented on a day of admission.”

An indignant primogenitor in Nairobi pronounced “the prices in these shops are absurd nonetheless we are stranded with them. A jumper for Sh2,900, span of hosiery for Sh300 nonetheless we are asked to buy 6 pairs, tracksuit for Sh4,750… and all these are from China!”


Why CS Matiang’i’s work in preparation is not nonetheless done

Ann Kibet from Elgeyo Marakwet, whose child and been given a container during a delegate propagandize in Narok, also feared that she will be forced to set additional supports aside besides what is indicated in a fees structure.

Samson Kiplagat, another parent, pronounced there is need for Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi to meddle by ensuring that policies are in place to pillow them from brute propagandize supervision play who assign unreasonable fees.

Luka Maina, a proprietor of Uasin Gishu, also called for an review in many schools to discern if such apparatus that relatives are compelled to buy is of any value to a students.

He pronounced many schools go to an border of creation such final as a gift for them to keep their slots.

“I know of many who have mislaid their slots for unwell to yield a compulsory apparatus and kits. The method should also yield a round on a same so that relatives can't be oppressed,” he added.

Among those who wish Matiang’i to meddle in a matter are Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria who has called on a Education CS to take unrelenting measures opposite propagandize heads charging high fees.

“The Ministry of Education should guard closely what schools are charging and take movement opposite propagandize heads who lift fees,” pronounced Gikaria.

In Nakuru, relatives of school-going children have lifted regard over schools’ purported ‘collusion’ with uniform shops to travel a prices.

Some relatives pronounced they had perceived records from schools directing them that shops to buy a uniform for their children.


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“The questionable thing is that some schools sequence for uniform from a certain emporium and given of a new hikes, we review to shopping from other outlets though a schools do not accept that,” Mr Joseph Tuwei, a parent, said.

According to Mr Tuwei, many schools mention certain shops and counsel a relatives opposite shopping elsewhere “since they do not accommodate a specifications’.

He, however, remarkable that many uniforms were not accessible in a shops during a holidays.

“It is not satisfactory given we can find some shops offered a same uniform during a satisfactory cost though a schools infrequently raises issues, citing peculiarity and professionalism,” John Maina, a primogenitor said.

Murang’a Woman Representative Sabina Chege has also called on a method to moment a whip on open schools flouting a ministerial gauge on propagandize fees.

She pronounced there were institutions that have intimidated relatives to compensate amounts above a supervision cost structure on drift of a ‘general consensus’ .

Ministry of Education fees guideline for open delegate schools stands during Sh9,374 while for boarding schools it is capped during Sh53,553.

In Kisumu, a enrollment of Standard One pupils was cancelled in 6 schools where guardians were being forced to compensate bootleg acknowledgment fees while.

 Stories by Kamau Maichuhie, Caroline Chebet, Mercy Kahenda, Boniface Gikandi and Lucas Ngasike

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