Hazelbrook Public School in NSW becomes initial in Australia to wear satisfactory trade uniforms

February 16, 2016 - School Uniform


Feb 16, 2016 10:26:07

Maddie Storniolo and Matteo Lieu

Captain Maddie Storniolo and Vice Captain Matteo Lieu wear satisfactory trade uniforms. (ABC News: Thomas Oriti)

A propagandize in a New South Wales Blue Mountains has found a new approach to learn students about economics and sustainability, apropos a initial to have satisfactory trade uniforms.

Since Hazelbrook Public School began offered a uniforms, a thought has left viral, with seductiveness from schools opposite a nation who wish to do a same thing.

Hazelbrook propagandize captain Maddie Storniolo and vice-captain Matteo Lieu proudly wear their blue and bullion polo shirts.

“50 per cent of them is cosmetic bottles, that is flattering cool, and they come from India, that is a other side of a world,” pronounced Maddie.

The Fairtrade acceptance is an acknowledgment that a uniforms accommodate despotic general standards to strengthen workers and a environment.

It’s carrying those conversations with a kids about a things that we have and we take for postulated in a lives.

“They’re also done out of cotton, so that gives it a stretchiness,” pronounced Matteo.

Hazelbrook’s tour began 4 years ago, when internal mom Anna Dohnt visited India to safeguard that each workman concerned in creation a shirts was treated sincerely and paid a decent wage.

“For me as a mother, it’s unequivocally critical that I’m sauce my children in something that is indeed fortifying people somewhere in a universe and not causing wretchedness to another child,” she said.

“I wish what they’re wearing each day to indeed be lenient other children somewhere and creation certain that children in building countries can go to school.”

‘It’s some-more than only a propagandize uniform’

Ms Dohnt now runs satisfactory trade supply business Change Threads, and given Fairtrade Australia announced a certification, a thought has taken off.

“We’ve been positively impressed with seductiveness from schools from opposite tools of Australia, so during a impulse we’re organising a structure to cope with all a enquiries.”

The school’s uniform emporium co-ordinator Cheryl Griswold has been bustling gripping adult with demand.

“My daughter said, ‘Mum this is big, we’re assisting other families’,” she said.

“And that’s what it’s about, it’s carrying those conversations with a kids about a things that we have and we take for postulated in a lives.”

School principal David Nosworthy pronounced there was an educational advantage to a uniforms.

“The propagandize uniforms for us also prompt a ability to yield serve contention with a kids,” he said.

“The ability for a students to rise an bargain of where a product starts from and how that can impact on people right behind during a source of a manufacture, right behind to a source of a cotton, that is where this is.

“It’s some-more than only a propagandize uniform.”

The propagandize is now formulation to batch a canteen with satisfactory trade goods.

Maddie pronounced she was unapproachable her propagandize was assisting to make a difference.

“It’s a unequivocally large thing to be partial of it, it’s unequivocally amazing.”







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