Half a tonne of Cambridgeshire propagandize uniforms being sent to France to assistance child refugees

March 12, 2017 - School Uniform

Half a tonne of neglected propagandize uniforms are being shipped out to Calais, Dunkirk and Paris, after being collected during Impington Village College.

The collection was organized by a school’s Parents, Staff Friends Association, and has been donated to a Cambridge gift set adult to yield assist for a refugees.

The clothing, described as ‘surplus to requirements’ following a change in a college’s dress code, was handed over to a Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group, whose proffer helpers will arrange it and afterwards take it to France – along with food, toiletries and other useful equipment donated by internal Cambridge residents.

Claire Richards, who co-chairs a propagandize association, pronounced there was a excess of used propagandize uniforms after a college changed to a new residence system, including a introduction of new residence colours and logos, that meant that aged equipment of uniform, that would routinely have been suitable for resale, were not indispensable any more.

CamCRAG volunteers with refugees in France. Picture: Spencer Herron

She said: “In a past, IVC PFSA has resold equipment of propagandize uniform donated by students relocating on to serve preparation or pupils who have simply outgrown their clothing. These used sales to incoming tyro cohorts capacitate new pupils and their relatives to squeeze peculiarity uniform during a ignored price. They also beget additional income to account good causes within a school.”

She pronounced she had speckled that Cambridge Convoy Refugee Action Group (CamCRAG) was looking for neglected wardrobe to send to refugees in France.

Lara Brettell of CamCRAG said: “We’re really beholden to a relatives and staff during Impington for this concession – it is a good approach to safeguard these panoply get used to assistance others.

“There are still thousands of refugees in Calais, Dunkirk and Paris with some-more nearing each day. Having fled from polite wars and rough regimes and done a tour opposite Europe many have really little. Being means to yield them with warm, purify panoply is vital.

“Once again we have been overwhelmed by a affability of residents in Cambridge and surrounding villages who have responded so easily to a interloper predicament in Europe.”

The school’s principal Ryan Kelsall said: “This is good approach to recycle a old, surplus uniform and forestall it going to landfill. We’re anxious that all of this comfortable wardrobe will be sent to Northern France and donated to immature adults and exposed refugees that need peculiarity panoply to keep a cold during brook until a warmer open continue arrives.”

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