Haiti – NOTICE : True propagandize uniform, feign student…

May 9, 2015 - School Uniform

Haiti – NOTICE : True propagandize uniform, feign student…
09/05/2015 09:29:52

In a statement, a Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), informs a open in ubiquitous and a educational village in sold that “agents of a educational village Police EDUPOL, intercepted Wednesday during their patrols, a immature child sanctimonious to be a tyro of a high propagandize Toussaint Louverture.

Following initial information obtained, this chairman initial identified by a name of Alex Chéry and afterwards Gustave Wenley, it incited out that it was never partial of a Toussaint Louverture high propagandize students while wearing a uniform of a school, within a school.

The Director of a propagandize Toussaint Louverture, reliable that that chairman is not in any record of a establishment. He denounces a prejudiced and unfortunate act where antagonistic people fake to be high propagandize students.

MENFP wants to warning a propagandize village on these intensely critical contribution of ‘fake students’ when a genuine conflict is instituted by a Ministry opposite a propagandize assault and other non-standard practices, that might impact a educational success of immature people.

MENFP honour EDUPOL agents for their tyro mentoring work to forestall deposit and secure a fringe of a propagandize buildings, and welcomes a initial effects of a debate of county preparation and county values.

The Ministry of Education invites a open and educational agents to give their full support to a agents of a EDUPOL, who minister by their actions to a educational success of the children.”

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