Guam Department of Education: No some-more suspensions for uniform violations

May 7, 2015 - School Uniform

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The superintendent of Guam’s preparation dialect pronounced he sealed a revised customary handling procession that removes cessation as a effect for disobeying a uniform policy.

Guam DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez done a proclamation in a Twitter post Monday.

“I would cite some-more in-school consequences and discourse occur contra carrying kids stay during home,” Fernandez said.

Concerns associated to students being dangling for uniform violations were brought adult by administrators from opposite schools and executive bureau staff who accommodate monthly to examination a tyro control policy, Fernandez said.

In his possess visits to schools, he pronounced he would also hear concerns and complaints from students who questioned him about either he upheld cessation as a effect of uniform violations.

‘Willful disobedience’ clause

Despite denunciation in a uniform process that stated, “Students are NOT to be dangling since of uniform violations,” students were still being dangling on a drift of “willful disobedience” as a outcome of uniform violations, Fernandez said.

Standard Operating Procedure 1200-001 states that “students who are steadfastly daring and exclude to wear a propagandize uniform can be trained in suitability with Board Policy 405 for continued bullheaded insubordination and rebuttal of propagandize rules.”

Board Policy 405 lists specific offenses that are drift for suspension. Although a process does not privately list refusal to wear uniforms as drift for suspension, it does mention that “defiance, disregard and insubordination” is one of 15 categories of turn dual offenses that can lead to suspension. Level dual offenses aver a 1-3 day suspension, according to a Student Conduct Procedural Manual.

“In a practice, even yet we weren’t dangling on a uniform violation, students were being charged with bullheaded insubordination as a outcome of a uniform violation,” Fernandez said.

Conferences and work instead

He pronounced with a revision, students who violate a uniform process will instead be trained on-campus.

The uniform process states “students who are not in propagandize uniform will be theme to conferences, parental conferences and work details.”

Keep students learning

Fernandez pronounced a rider is some-more of a construction of a policy.

“We wanted to take cessation off a table.”

The goal of those concerned in formulating a policy, Fernandez said, was not to support cessation as a effect of a uniform violation.

Removing cessation as a effect doesn’t meant a dialect is unsupportive of a uniform policy, Fernandez said.

“We are creation certain a consequences fit and that students don’t remove enlightening time,” he said.

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