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November 16, 2016 - School Uniform

Axminster teen Arthur Heeler-Frood has returned home after 10 weeks of sleeping severe since he was lonely.

The teen was reunited with his relatives on Tuesday, Nov 15, accurately 10 weeks after he went missing.

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Superintendent Sam de Reya pronounced that Arthur was on a sight to Exeter when a member of a open recognized him from school.

She said: “Arthur is behind protected and good with his family that is where he should be. It was yesterday dusk that we had a call from someone on a sight streamer to Honiton by somebody that had famous him by school.

“They had recognized there was an interest out to find him and luckily that lady had called a military and we had PCSO’s and military to accommodate him during a sight hire to make certain he was ok.

“It is interjection to his relatives gripping a story alive in a media and a support from a media that has meant that this lady saw him yesterday and did a right thing by toll it through.

“We trust he was on his approach home. He was behind in a area and he has indicated that he was prepared to come home and that he was waste and blank his parents.”

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Since a teenager’s disappearance a interest to find Arthur has left national, however Superintendent de Reya suggested that Arthur had usually seen one appeal.

She said: “Arthur pronounced that he had seen one interest in a early stages, however we don’t consider he realised a concern of it all.

“I don’t know a full fact on how he has got between places, though we do know he has been to London, Birmingham and Manchester and he trafficked around and finished some severe sleeping.”

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Arthur went blank after withdrawal his family home in Axminster on a morning of Tuesday, Sep 6, where he left his propagandize uniform in a bin bag and he unsuccessful to spin adult during school.

The teen took £350 of his assets and left home with no passport, no phone and no bank card.

The teen also left his relatives a minute to tell them a reasons of because he had run divided from home. In a minute he pronounced that he was wearied of his life and that it was something he had to do.

Since being reunited with his family Arthur released a matter divulgence that he had been travelling opposite a UK.

He said: “I have spent a final 10 weeks exploring London, Birmingham and Manchester by foot, sleeping severe during night.

“I am really beholden to everybody who has helped my family in perplexing to safeguard my protected return. we apologize to a military for a time they spent looking for me and for a worry we have caused family and friends.”

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Superintendent de Reya pronounced that for anyone feeling like that they wish to escape, there are people there to help.

She said: “Arthur had his reasons to leave like anyone that chooses to do it. However there are consequences when things like this occur and for anyone deliberation it we would wish them to consider about what it does to their family and to a resources it takes to find them.

“What we will contend to anyone that is feeling like that can’t cope and wants to leave that there are a lot of people that caring about we and we will always examine blank people and do what we can to find them.

“To any immature chairman that is meditative of doing it, we do make yourself exposed putting yourself out there, maybe sleeping severe and not carrying insurance and caring around you.

“Think about your family and how it can have an impact on your family and friends.”

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