Gov’t ditches Printex: Imports fabric for giveaway propagandize uniforms

November 3, 2015 - School Uniform

The Ministry of Education has flouted President John Dramani Mahama’s process on made-in-Ghana products.

The Ministry is importing fabrics from China for government’s giveaway propagandize uniform programme for de­prived pupils in simple schools, digest a contractual agreement with Printex Ghana Limited, one of a internal weave prolongation companies, to supply a fabric useless.

Equipment value millions of dollars that a association purchased to re­tool a apparatus in expectation of a continual prolongation of a uniforms now distortion idle. The movement of a Ministry of Educa­tion contradicts promises done by gov­ernment to revamp a internal weave attention to make it rival and a vital motorist for girl employment.

Government in 2009 done it a pol­icy to commission internal weave manufac­turing companies by procuring all a fabric needs from internal manufacturers.

A few years down a line, govern­ment seems to have deserted a internal weave prolongation companies, who have sunk outrageous sums of monies into retooling and installing new ma­chines to accommodate a new demand, to pro­cure a uniforms from China. Late final month, a Greater Accra Regional Directorate of a Ghana Ed­ucation Service expelled sets of uni­forms to schools in Metropolitan, Municipality and District Assemblies for heading placement to pupils in a region.

The growth has sent tongues wagging among a internal weave manu­facturing industry, many of who are doubt a government’s commit­ment to grow a internal attention if it continues to import inexpensive fabric from China during a responsibility of a collapsing internal weave prolongation industry.

In Aug 2009, President John Mahama, afterwards Vice-President, during a assembly with a Association of Ghana Indus­tries and a Textile, Garment and Leather Union, settled government’s re­solve to gain all materials for a giveaway propagandize uniform plan and subse­quently extend it to other institutions such as a police, troops and para­military institutions via a country.

This declaration compelled a internal industries to deposit heavily into machin­ery to accommodate a demand, though all that is rusting divided as supervision has re­neged on a promise, heading to outrageous investments done by some weave com­panies sitting idle.

The Finder is sensitive that govern­ment, after conducting an initial assess­ment of a internal manufacturers’ ability to accommodate a demand, was over­whelmed by a commentary and went brazen to pointer agreements with some companies to start production.

Documents accessible to The Finder prove that a Government of Ghana, by a Ministry of Education, afterward entered into contractual agreement with Printex Ghana Limited, one of a internal weave prolongation companies, to supply a fabric.

By a agreement, an initial volume of 5,500,000 yards of fabric was or­dered by supervision and was ostensible to be delivered in dual batches Information collected by The Finder indicates that out of this quantity, a initial collection of 3,160,000 yards was pro­duced and delivered to government. But that seems to have been an finish to government’s business of shopping from a internal manufacturers.

When The Finder contacted a General Manager, Administration during Printex, Mr Moses Tetteh Zizer, he ex­plained that after a initial shipment was delivered, all efforts to get govern­ment to trigger processes for a second shipment has given valid futile.

He told The Finder that a series of correspondences to a Ministry of Ed­ucation requesting to know a standing of a plan were never answered. In a minute antiquated Jan 17, 2012, a duplicate of that is in a possession of
The Finder, supervision of Printex fol­lowed adult on an progressing minute created on Oct 3,2011 seeking information on a standing of a agreement to furnish a second collection of a fabric for a propagandize uniform project.

The letter, with a theme ‘RE: Government School Uniform Project,’ review in part: “We impute to a correspon­dence on a above theme antiquated 3rd October, requesting to know a standing of a plan to capacitate us organize a operations.

“Unfortunately, no answer was vouchsafed and a standing quo persists. “We wish to take this event to echo a progressing ask for informa­tion on a approach forward, in sequence to ad­equately ready for a continuation.”

This minute is nonetheless to be given a respond from a Ministry of Education, The Finder can report. He remarkable that a company, after a agreement, re-tooled a apparatus in expectation for continual prolongation for supervision as promised. “We even stretched prolongation line, retooled a apparatus since of a quantum we were looking during pro­ducing,” he said.

Mr Abraham Koomson, Secretary General of a Ghana Federation of Labour, vocalization to a issue, pronounced a kinship is severely unhappy during a development, since a process to pro­cure fabrics locally was to assistance resusci­tate a internal weave attention and to emanate jobs. “Abandoning this commendable process to go squeeze from China is many unfor­tunate,” he noted.

He mentioned that before govern­ment took a preference to gain lo­cally, a group was fabricated to control an comment and do due attention on internal companies’ ability to accommodate a supply direct before a agreement was signed.

According to him, a group was impressed by a findings, that subsequently led to a initial contractual agreement with Printex Ghana Limited. He, therefore, urged a supervision not to renege on a guarantee and to, as a matter of urgency, retreat a trend if it is indeed committed to lenient a internal weave attention to be competitive.

Source: The Finder

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