Government Agrees To Change Girls School Uniforms

February 8, 2017 - School Uniform

The Afghan supervision on Tuesday announced that it has motionless to change girl’s propagandize uniforms from black to blue and brown.

In response to government’s decision, critics and domestic commentators have pronounced that a National Unity Government (NUG) leaders are now struggling with inner disputes and that in creation decisions on smaller issues they are dubious a public.

Critics have bloody supervision for carrying taken a year to make a decision, that should have been finished by a Ministry of Education.

According to critics, tragedy between NUG leaders is utterly high and they wish to execute their tiny issues as large gains to a public.

“They wish to trick open opinion from their inner disputes, therefore they simulate their teenager gains as vital attainments,” pronounced publisher Faraidoon Azhand.

Government leaders wish to route a public’s courtesy divided from their inner disputes and differences, therefore they execute sparse things as vital achievements, pronounced critics.  

Following months of discussions, NUG leaders finally concluded to change a propagandize uniforms from black to blue and brown.

“Changing a tone of a uniform of propagandize girls was due by a method of preparation that was sent to a legislature of ministers. On a basement of a proposal, uniforms of primary schools will be blue and delegate schools brown,” pronounced a CEO’s emissary orator Jawed Faisal. 

One university lecturer, Tahir Hashimi said: “They determine on smaller issues since they don’t have any gains, they wish to execute it as a benefit since of their compulsions.”  

“They have not finished anything certain for a people, we don’t consider that they can overcome their disputes during their tenure of government,” a Kabul shopkeeper, Mohammad Sadiq, said.

“None of these leaders delivered on their promises, they affianced to emanate jobs, though zero has happened,” pronounced a proprietor of Kabul Ghulam Jailani.

Experts contend that a ongoing difference between NUG leaders could have critical repercussions for a nation in future.

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