Gaeseong shutdown causes propagandize uniform shortage

February 27, 2016 - School Uniform

By Lee Kyung-min

Tens of thousands of delegate propagandize students might not be means to wear propagandize uniforms for a arriving semester, as suppliers formed in a Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC) are incompetent to broach a products in time after a formidable was close down due to stretched inter-Korean relations.

Those students might have to wait for adult to dual some-more months to buy new uniforms, while a new division starts on Mar 2.

A day after South Korea announced a shutdown of a inter-Korean industrial park on Feb. 10, North Korea diminished all South Korean workers from a complex.

According to Mansun, a uniform subcontractor to Hyungji Elite, a largest propagandize uniform manufacturer here, some-more than 80,000 sets of uniforms were left behind in a bureau in Gaeseong.

“When we were forced out, we were not authorised to take a products with us,” an central from Mansun said. “Not usually us though 3 other subcontractors for propagandize uniform manufacturers were prevented from bringing a products, causing a uniform supply shortage.”

Currently, their factories here are handling turn a time to accommodate a direct during a beginning probable date, he said.

“For uniform manufacturers, Feb is a busiest time of a year, a month before students go behind to school. We are doing a best to assistance lessen students’ and parents’ inconvenience,” he said.

Hyungji Elite provides uniforms to 679 schools nationwide, accounting for 16 percent of a total.

Parents voiced disappointment as a soured inter-Korean family are inspiring their children’s propagandize life.

“Children are meant to start a new division with formula new garments and new sprit. This nonsense is negatively inspiring children,” one primogenitor said.

In response, a Ministry of Education endorsed schools concede students to dress accidentally until they are means to buy a full uniform set.

“We requested schools to contention a news if students have to come to propagandize not scrupulously dressed due to a GIC shutdown,” a method central said.

“Until students are means to do so, we suggest that schools concede a infrequent dress code,” a central said. “We have been collecting opinions and reports from schools given final Friday, and we will assistance minimize confusion.”

The method is deliberation holding a debate to inspire students to wear secondhand uniforms from their seniors who have outgrown them or graduated.

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