Florida Senate passes special needs legislation and appropriation for propagandize uniforms

January 15, 2016 - School Uniform

The initial check to pass a Florida Senate in 2016 was a square of unprepared business from a catastrophic finish of a 2015 session.

The Senate voted 39-0 on Wednesday morning for legislation that promises to yield new post-secondary preparation options to students with special needs. Specifically it sets aside $8 million for colleges, universities and other schools to emanate aloft preparation and transition programs for students with egghead disabilities. It also designates $1.5 million for a statewide coordination core to assistance students with “unique abilities” and their relatives find programs and services. 

Senate President Andy Gardiner, R-Orlando, pronounced he envisions a clearinghouse that can assistance relatives of special needs children find what kind of programs competence be out there to assistance them.

“Whenever a family finds out they have a child with singular abilities, we as a state contend ‘here are your list of options, here are a post delegate options,'” Gardiner pronounced of his prophesy of how a pivotal partial of a legislation will work. 

The check has been a tip priority for Gardiner, though it was among dozens of proposals that died unexpected during a finish of a 2015 Legislative Session. While a magnitude upheld in a Senate 2015, it never done it to a opinion in a House before a annual event finished abruptly over a check brawl between a dual chambers.

“It was a unequivocally romantic and special day,” pronounced Gardiner, who has a son with down syndrome.

But while a check to assistance special needs students would seem uncontroversial, a check did hint teenager antithesis from Democrats in a Senate since of a sustenance that would yield $14 million for propagandize districts and licence schools that wish to need propagandize uniforms.

Sen. Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville, questioned since that sustenance was being enclosed in a check that deals essentially with students with special needs, given a uniform appropriation would not be singular to only special needs students.

State Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville, responded to Gibson observant a check was about “educational choice” and a propagandize uniform appropriation would be an choice for schools. 

That wasn’t adequate for Sen. Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, who called a sustenance a “giveaway to a propagandize uniform industry.” Clemens pronounced a $14 million would be improved served being practical to other educational needs in a state, and not uniforms.

Clemens primarily due an amendment to frame a denunciation from a bill, though withdrew it before it could be voted on since it was doubtful to win support in a Republican-dominated Senate.

In 2015, a state set aside $10 million for propagandize uniform incentives, though licence schools could not request for a income exclusively of a propagandize district in their county. But a new legislation would concede that.

Eight counties have perceived appropriation for propagandize uniforms so far: Alachua, Bay, Miami-Dade, Flagler, Madison, Osceola, Polk and Taylor.

The check heads to a House after this week. The check contingency pass both chambers of a Legislature before it can be sent to Gov. Rick Scott for his approval.

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