Fed-up father blockades propagandize with automobile over final he cough adult £16.50 for daughter’s new blazer – though says all gangling …

April 29, 2017 - School Uniform

A FURIOUS father has blockaded a propagandize with his automobile in a quarrel over profitable for his daughter’s new blazer.

Phil Young says he doesn’t have a income for a new coupler for 15-year-old Leah since all a family’s gangling income is spent on travelling so mother Carol can accept cancer treatment.

Phil Young claims his daughter Leah is being victimised since they can't means to compensate for her new propagandize blazer

Phil Young with daughter Leah outward a propagandize gates at Nova Hreod Academy

Now he claims his daughter is being “victimised” since they can't means a new clothing.

Every time she turns adult to Nova Hreod Academy, in Swindon, Wilts., in a “wrong” coupler she is taken out of normal lessons and put into isolation, he said.

So yesterday morning a undone father parked his automobile during a gates in a bid to forestall staff pushing on to a site.

He said: “Last month we asked either she could have a new blazer. They pronounced they would buy half of it, though we are on advantages and my mother is being treated for cancer.”

Leah has grown out of her aged blazer (file picture)

Leah has grown out of her aged blazer (file picture)

Phil, 50, combined that “every gangling penny” is being spent on travelling a 30 miles to Oxford for mother Carol’s therapy and they could not find £16.50 – half a cost of a new blazer.

He pronounced he had taken it adult with a propagandize several times over a past few months and was betrothed a emanate would be sorted out.

But before Easter it was transparent Leah could no longer wear her aged blazer.

The propagandize started putting Leah in isolation, so her father began collecting her.

He said: “I’m not carrying her stranded in siege when she has finished zero wrong.

“She’s not a problem student – she mostly helps during events like parents’ evenings, as good as being a emissary librarian.”

Leah’s silent Carol said: “It competence sound like we are usually groan and groan though what am we ostensible to do? Stop carrying my diagnosis so she gets a blazer?”

The propagandize bought a blazer for Leah in Year 9 after a new uniform manners were introduced, though that was 18 months ago and it is now too tiny and threadbare.

The seething father blockaded a propagandize with his automobile over a quarrel after a propagandize started putting Leah in siege when she wore an crude jacket

The seething father blocked gates to stop staff parking during a school

Carol added: “We know they have to have propagandize uniform, though we can usually buy it in one emporium during their prices.

“With a aged propagandize uniform we could go somewhere cheaper.”

Her father forked to a additional income a propagandize was given to assistance Leah as a immature carer and questioned since some of it could not be spent on providing her with a new blazer.

Leah said: “My friends are troubled by it. we need my education.”


Phil says he can't means to by a new coupler since all a family's gangling income goes on appropriation transport for his wife's cancer treatment

Phil decided to theatre his criticism after feeling daughter Leah was being ‘victimised’

The propagandize pronounced in a statement: “Nova Hreod Academy is a propagandize that prides itself on high feat and high standards of behaviour, uniform and attitudes towards learning.

“The propagandize has undergone a fast and transformational change over a past 3 years and is recognized as one of a many softened schools in a South West region, and this was certified by Ofsted when we were judged to be a ‘Good’ propagandize in all categories progressing this year.

“The strenuous infancy of students come to propagandize any day smartly dressed and in full uniform and assistance to say the high standards.

“While we would never criticism on particular cases, where a family requires additional support with purchasing uniform, we always find to support them on a box by box basis.”

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