Father and daughter fighting propagandize uniform proposal

February 3, 2016 - School Uniform

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A father and daughter are fighting a due propagandize uniform process for facile and center propagandize students in Duval County. 

They addressed a propagandize house Tuesday night with their concerns.

“I consider this is equivalent to carrying a automobile that doesn’t run right and giving it a new paint pursuit and awaiting it to run ideally and we know that’s not going to happen. The systemic problems in a propagandize are most deeper than what children wear,” pronounced John Citrone.

Duval County facile and center propagandize students, could all be required, to wear propagandize uniforms in a fall.

But, Citrone and his daughter Fiona, don’t wish that to happen.

“I pronounced if we don’t wish me to quarrel this, we won’t.  we don’t wish to means we any annoyance or stress. School is tough enough…as it is…and she pronounced she wanted to quarrel and she wanted to quarrel with me,” explained Citrone.

Fiona’s third category class wrote these letters to Duval County superintendent Nikolai Vitti, pity their thoughts on propagandize uniforms.

Citrone says it was his daughter’s idea. He pronounced 11 students were opposite uniforms. Four were in favor.

“One of these letters… a lady wrote…I’m for propagandize uniforms, though we don’t consider my mom will like it…because there will be some-more washing to do,” pronounced Citrone.

Citrone recently wrote his possess minute in a internal announcement patrician “Ten reasons propagandize uniforms are a bad idea.”

He talks about  leisure of countenance and because he thinks students function won’t change.

“I don’t consider it’s going to have any alleviation during all in bullying. we don’t consider you’ll see any alleviation in that area.  Children or children. They’ll find another reason to brag any other,” pronounced Citrone.

Citrone pronounced he and his daughter devise to quarrel this to finish and make certain all opinions on propagandize uniforms are heard.

A new University of North Florida investigate found children who wore uniforms achieved improved academically, though uniforms didn’t have an impact on their control or behavior. Currently, 35 Duval County facile schools have uniform policies, along with 16 center schools and 2 high schools.

School leaders contend they have beheld improvements.

A preference could be done as early as March. 


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