Everything we wanted to know about girls’ propagandize uniforms in Japan

August 31, 2015 - School Uniform

School uniforms move behind memories of a bitter-sweet childhood days. In Japan, however, they aren’t customarily clothes, they’re black of “seishun” (youth) and a large partial of a country’s culture. Girls in Japan adore their propagandize uniforms, and there are fans of Japanese propagandize uniforms all over a world.

We know we adore these cute school uniforms too, though do we unequivocally know all about them? Here’s all we need to know to be an consultant on Japanese propagandize uniforms.

History of Uniforms

Japan has had propagandize uniforms for around 150 years. They were initial used to uncover that village a tyro belonged to, though currently they have turn one of a biggest black of Japanese kawaii culture. The soldier suit-style uniform came to Japan in 1920, followed in a 1980s by a attainment of propagandize blazers.

Types of Uniforms


You substantially suppose Japan’s propagandize uniforms to be possibly a soldier suit-style or embody a blazer. Those are a many customary forms you’ll see, though they aren’t a customarily propagandize uniform out there…

Sailor Uniform


Blazer Uniform


Bolero Uniform


Eton Jacket Uniform


Jumper Skirt Uniform


Overalls Skirt Uniform


Suspender Skirt Uniform


One-piece Uniform


Public and Private Schools

In Japan, we have as many private schools as we have open schools. Most people start to wear uniforms from youth high propagandize (except if we go to a private facile school). The uniforms in open schools tend to be some-more elementary compared to those ragged by private propagandize students. However there are also many schools that don’t have a uniform regardless of either open or private. In this case, there are some that wear their unchanging garments to school, though many girls wear a feign uniform, or ‘nanchatte’ uniform as we call it. They get to select all from blemish so they customarily have several kinds of skirts and ribbons and ties during home. Here are some renouned brands that sell uniform clothing.


Eastboy is a many simple code to buy uniform clothing.


Surprisingly, the Playboy brand also has a uniform range in Japan. Most girls substantially don’t know what a code unequivocally is…

Sweaters and Vests

Except for during a warmer seasons, girls customarily wear sweaters or vests. Unless they have a propagandize sweater or vest that they have to wear, they customarily select one of their own. The simple colors would be white, black, gray, and beige.


The many renouned code for sweaters were Uniqlo. After they expelled a really colorful collection in these series, many high propagandize girls wore them, and gradually wearing colorful sweaters with uniforms became a many select style.