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March 17, 2017 - School Uniform

TIFTON — The Tift County Board of Education listened to a display about propagandize uniforms during Omega Elementary School during a Tuesday meeting.

Omega Elementary Principal Dr. Victoria Melton gave a display to a board.

The internal propagandize governance group has surveyed teachers and relatives and has gotten a certain response from those. Melton pronounced that while a students were uniformly separate on a issue, a surveys from faculty, staff and relatives were disposition positive.

The group will be voting on a offer during their subsequent meeting, and School Superintendent Patrick Atwater pronounced they feel a opinion will be for instituting uniforms.

The reason Melton is presenting a offer to a house is since there is a probability of other schools relocating towards propagandize uniforms. According to Melton, there should be coherence between schools and a house would need to approve a uniform that would work with any of a propagandize that select to pierce towards uniforms.

The house has a management to change a dress formula for a whole propagandize system.

Melton pronounced that relocating towards uniforms will be some-more cost fit for parents, diminution fortify referrals for dress formula and bullying, urge punctuality, build self venerate and make them feel like they are a partial of a propagandize community.

If approved, a change to uniforms will take outcome commencement tumble 2017.

Stacey Beckham was famous for being awarded a communications and open family endowment for her work with a Board of Education during a 2017 Georgia School’s Public Relations Association annual conference.

Omega Elementary was also famous during a high swell propagandize for 2016-2017 by a Georgia Department of Education.

A high swell propagandize is tangible as being among a tip 10 percent of schools in a state in creation a many swell and improving a opening of all students over 3 years on assessments.

“We are one group with one goal, and that is tyro success,” pronounced Omega Elementary Principal Dr. Victoria Melton.

Len Lastinger Primary School Principal Richard Fisher presented a school’s alleviation plan.

The house altered fundraisers, outing requests and over-abundance equipment to a agree bulletin and listened a news from a skill cabinet assembly that took place on Mar 2.

The cabinet looked during a propagandize district rezoning for a 2019 propagandize year. They began looking during information collected and how a rezoning will impact clergyman relocation, indispensable classroom materials, train routing, jaunty skeleton and food and nourishment staff relocation.

Plans for how to residence all of these issues will be underneath contention over a subsequent few years.

School Superintendent Patrick Atwater sensitive a house about a assembly in Atlanta Mar 8 with a state to residence concerns and questions about a converging of federal, state and internal supports that has been proposed, as good as a training about a converging that officials from other schools will be attending.

“There are still a lot of questions,” Atwater said, “but still during this indicate there will be a lot of advantage for Tift County School complement in a areas of flexibility.”

Atwater requested accede for several propagandize employees to attend a training and pierce behind information that will afterwards be reported to a board.

Robbie Dasher, executive of operations, updated a house on a swell of SPLOST projects.

The Charles Spencer Elementary School restoration is complete, as is a high propagandize lane resurfacing.

The high propagandize enlargement and restoration plan is still stability to pierce forward.

They are still watchful to start a auxiliary gym, though Dasher pronounced that it will usually be about a month behind schedule.

The Georgia School Board Association legislative position, nominee and swap nominee positions to paint Tift County will be underneath care until a deadline of Apr 14.

Director of Finance Klinton Guess presented a fortitude for arising ubiquitous requirement holds to a balance of $8.9 million.

These holds will be lifting capitol to finish a high propagandize project, and according to Guess acts like a line of credit. The propagandize would usually lift from it if needed.

Guess pronounced that if this fortitude is authorized he would go in front of a county commissioners and ask them to levy a taxation to secure a bonds.

Allocating licence complement supports to internal propagandize governance teams for a initial time was brought adult for contention by a house by Atwater.

Tift County perceived roughly $700,000 for this year, and Atwater pronounced they were awaiting some-more to be awarded subsequent year.

The Board has a choice to allot anywhere from 10 percent to forty precent to a internal propagandize governance teams, and will be reviewing a opposite options to see what would work best.

Atwater pronounced that this is a initial time these supports will be allocated, and that it is intensely stretchable and can be altered from year to year by a board.

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