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February 16, 2015 - School Uniform


Schools and relatives bring advantages of propagandize uniforms.

1. Regular wardrobe can be a daze in a classroom.

2. Uniforms turn a personification margin for low-income families who can’t means brand-name clothes.

3. Uniforms outcome in reduction bullying and teasing.

4. Uniforms are reduction costly than jeans and engineer clothing.

5. Uniforms make students easy to identify, improving campus safety.

It’s recess during Home Gardens Academy. Excited students fly out of a classrooms towards a basketball court, stadium or soccer field.

The stage is steady via a Corona-Norco Unified School District, though something on this campus looks different.

There’s not a span of jeans in sight, nor cut-offs nor Nike T-shirts. Instead students are wearing khaki or navy blue slacks or skirts with red, white or blue tops.

While schools opposite a Inland area have dress codes, Home Gardens is a usually Corona-Norco campus with propagandize uniforms and one of a few in a region. In September, students during Parkridge Elementary School in Corona will enclose uniforms as well.

Those dual campuses will mount out in a Inland area, where imperative uniforms are now rare.

In a 1990s, amid concerns about a cost of garments and fears that gangs competence aim students wearing a wrong color, uniforms changed into many open schools. Department stores began to batch them.

But relatives could select not to attend and over time a propagandize uniform breakthrough faded locally. While still common in private schools and some-more renouned opposite a nation, uniforms are mostly seen currently in a Inland segment during licence schools, open campuses that are smaller and mostly essay for a private-school atmosphere.

For example, districts in Hemet, Rialto and Temecula were deliberation uniforms in some of their schools in a 1990s, though never adopted them. Students during a few Moreno Valley schools did enclose uniforms about 20 years ago, pronounced Tim McGillivray, orator for a Moreno Valley Unified School District.

“It died out for miss of (parental) support,” he said.


Nationally, uniforms are apropos increasingly renouned in open schools. According to a National Center for Education Statistics, 19 percent of schools compulsory uniforms in a 2011-12 propagandize year, adult from 13 percent in 2003-04. Uniforms were some-more prevalent in low-income areas, a core reported.

Cassandra Willis, who was Home Gardens principal when that propagandize began regulating uniforms 4 years ago, pronounced relatives were told that while a uniforms were required, they could choose, by law, not to use them.

“None opted out,” she said.

The circuitously Riverside-based Alvord Unified School District has intentional uniforms for a 14 facile schools. Foothill Elementary School Principal Peggy Nelson pronounced about 30 percent of her students wear uniforms regularly, a most aloft commission than during other district schools.

“More in a reduce grades wear them,” she said. “The comparison ones wish to collect what they wear.”

No schools in a San Bernardino City Unified School District, a Inland area’s second largest, have uniforms, mouthpiece Maria Garcia said.

“Many, many years ago, some district facile schools attempted intentional tyro uniforms though a thought after faded,” she said.


Parkridge Principal Ed Clement explained because his propagandize is going opposite a pellet – during slightest in a Inland area.

The thought for uniforms flush final year, came from relatives and stemmed from a series of concerns.

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