Education method reduces ‘burden’ of propagandize uniforms

September 29, 2015 - School Uniform

The Ministry of Education is set to take a required measures so that relatives can equivocate purchasing a specific propagandize uniform for their children, a Egyptian Competition Authority (ECA) announced Monday.

ECA Chairperson Mona El-Garf explained in a matter that good relatives to buy propagandize uniforms from certain places during certain prices “might revoke competitiveness and impact a consumer’s leisure to buy what suits them”.

The Ministry of Education had systematic schools to refrain from changing their uniforms for 5 years, and criminialized a sale of uniforms in schools.

The ECA afterwards perceived several complaints in that courtesy and, following investigations, it detected violations of a Protection of Competition Law. A series of schools force relatives to buy uniforms from certain places “which creates it tough for any other bureau or store to enter a market”.

The management therefore sent alerts to a Ministry of Education to take a required measures to say a consumers’ freedom, requesting a amendment of ministerial decrees series 113 and 208 for 1994, so that relatives are not thankful to buy uniforms from a specific place.

The 2015/2016 educational year began on Monday. Minister of Education El-Hilali El-Sherbini pronounced a year will be “more stable” due to confidence skeleton for schools and educational facilities.

Approximately 22 million students are starting their new educational year, after a supervision increasing spending on preparation in a FY 2015/2016 state bill to EGP 99.2bn, from EGP 94.4bn in a FY 2014/2015 budget.


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