Education Ministry exposes propagandize uniform racket

December 22, 2016 - School Uniform


Education Ministry exposes propagandize uniform racket

In a minute addressed to a President, a Secretary of a Education Ministry requests that a conduct of state make a law opposite Lanka Salu Sala and a officials, and outmost parties who are intent in a propagandize uniform element racket, misusing a minute released by a secretary.

He claims that their actions have sullied a banking programme that was successfully introduced for giveaway propagandize uniforms final year. If a minute released by him is being misused, afterwards a preparation secretary contingency board a censure with a police, as per a law of a country.

If a broader review is required, afterwards a Education Secretary faces no obstacles in seeking a assistance of a Criminal Investigations Department. It is probable that a Secretary has opted out of these dual options, since he is good wakeful of a essence of his letter, and since he is wakeful that it can't be proven that his minute has been misused.

The minute released by a secretary on a other hand, can be deliberate as an instance of injustice of power. Being entirely wakeful that Lanka Salu Sala is an dead organisation, by this letter, a secretary requests a heads of schools, and zonal and provincial preparation directors, to support an bid to squeeze uniform element supposing by Lanka Salu Sala, regulating a coupons supposing to propagandize students.

As such, it is a Education Secretary himself who should be hold accountable for a predicament faced by relatives who purchased this element regulating a coupons provided, as suggested by a heads of schools, on a instructions of a secretary, Who were a oblique persons that filled their possess pockets while attempting to cheat principals and supply sub-standard element to propagandize students? Mr. President – Over to you. 

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