Easton district should consult residents, take mount on propagandize uniforms | Editorial

October 18, 2015 - School Uniform

Passions run high whenever a propagandize house brings adult a theme of propagandize uniforms. So because is it that each preference on uniforms seems to finish adult on a shelf, relegated to a good-idea-that-will-never-fly bin?

It happened last week in a Easton Area School District. The propagandize house told a open that it dictated to have a contention about uniforms during Tuesday’s assembly — and no one from a village showed up.

Board President Frank Pintabone lifted a emanate a month ago, observant he had perceived countless emails from parents, and roughly all of them — 70 out of 80-some — were in preference of requiring propagandize uniforms.

The district polled a staff and found that 89 percent of a 630 employees who responded possibly “agreed” or “strongly agreed” on a advantages of uniforms.
Yet this is frequency a community consensus. A lehighvalleylive.com opinion check in early Sep (informal and unscientific, it contingency be noted) captivated 2,414 votes, with 58 percent voting opposite Easton adopting a uniform policy. Forty percent were in favor.

Of course, a opinion that matters many is a propagandize board’s.

On Tuesday, a house separate on a issue. Board members Pintabone, Dominick Buscemi, Matt Monahon and Billie Weiss pronounced a house should continue to examine propagandize uniforms. Baron Vanderburg, Robert Fehnel, Michelle Price and Brian Snyder pronounced they’re possibly opposite to uniforms or undecided. One member was absent.

The miss of agreement shouldn’t be taken as a genocide knell. Controversies over tyro dress aren’t going away. In a area, we’ve seen countless disputes over tyro countenance on wardrobe or accessories. A strap over a student’s “redneck” T-shirt during Warren Hills Regional High School resulted in a district losing a authorised plea and profitable a plaintiff’s authorised fees. Last open a Bangor Area School District officials had to understanding with dual students wearing Chick-fil-A T-shirts to a high propagandize a day of a Gay-Straight Alliance event. The Easton district mislaid a justice plea by dual middle-school girls who wore “We (love) boobies” bracelets in support of breast cancer awareness.

Still, a uniform discuss isn’t a inherent emanate as most as a approach of simplifying choices for propagandize clothing, traffic with inapt dress, emphasizing neatness, and minimizing nuisance and bullying that can outcome from students’ conform sense, or miss of it. Right now Allentown is a usually open district in a Lehigh Valley to go this route. Bethlehem also deliberate and motionless opposite uniforms in new years.

Easton Superintendent John Reinhart says he is a proponent of uniforms, though he suggested a propagandize house that a district has a lot on a image right now — vital restoration plans, clergyman agreement negotiations, a bill crunch.

That’s understandable, though when doesn’t a propagandize district have a predicament on a hands? There will always be reasons not to act, formed on a story of insusceptibility and disaster to obtain a community-wide consensus. The Easton propagandize house should keep this emanate on a front burner, follow by on a skeleton to consult district residents, and take a stand.

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