Dressing for school: How is Volusia’s uniform formula operative out?

October 21, 2016 - School Uniform

Students don’t have to wear uniforms, exactly, yet they have fewer choices now in dressing for school

It might be called a uniform code, yet take a gander during a kids streaming out of DeLand High School in a afternoon, and their wardrobe looks anything yet uniform.

The new manners for sauce for propagandize were adopted in Mar by a Volusia County School Board as a concede between a despotic uniform and a couture free-for-all. 

The new process was designed to residence a concerns of teachers, principals and others who pronounced it was formidable to make a some-more liquid dress formula that was mostly not followed.

The process calls for students to wear solid-white collared or button-down shirts with navy blue, black or khaki pants, jeans, shorts, capris, skirts, skorts or jumpers. School principals can appropriate dual additional excusable shirt colors for their particular schools.

The intended design is frequency a stereotypical private-school uniform.

So, how has a new process been operative out?

“Students I’ve talked to have pronounced it is easier and many reduction stressful to get prepared for propagandize any day,” pronounced John Atkinson, principal of  Pine Ridge High School in Deltona.

He pronounced his staff has found a new process easier to enforce, and he pronounced violations are “way down” from a prior policy.

“We are gratified and agreeably astounded with a turn of correspondence and cooperation,” Atkinson said. “It has been unequivocally certain in my view.”

His reflection during Deltona High School, Carolyn Carbonell, common identical sentiments.

“Students have finished a good pursuit with a correspondence of a new policy,” she said.

She pronounced while a new process is easier to enforce, there isn’t nonetheless adequate information to be specific about either there are fewer violations during her school.

“Overall, a propagandize is appreciative to a eyes since all students wear stately blue, light gray or white,” Carbonell added.

At DeLand High School, while many students are still unfortunate about a uniform process restricting their choice of clothing, some pronounced a process creates it easier to get dressed in a morning.

“I don’t unequivocally mind it during all,” 10th-grader Simon Barnard said. “It’s easier to me, since we don’t have to select what we wear in a morning. we only put on a uniform and go.”

Barnard pronounced many students are substantially unfortunate that they don’t get to select what they wear, a view voiced by ninth-grader Gabi Consuelos.

“The dress formula before, people could demonstrate themselves, yet a dress formula now, they don’t have any approach to demonstrate themselves,” she said.

Having a uniform formula would, however, make it reduction expected that students would get bullied for a approach they dress, she added.

“Because we’re all wearing a same thing,” she said.

Her brother, 11th-grader Efraim Consuelos, pronounced he didn’t see many disproportion in a dress formula compared to final year.

“It’s a same thing as final year, to be honest, since once in a while, we can wear a same clothes,” he said. “I consider it’s flattering good though, since we don’t have to wear saggy pants or other stuff.”

Principals can postpone a dress formula adult to one day any week and for adult to 4 weeks any propagandize year for events like propagandize suggestion days.

– Anthony DeFeo, anthony@beacononlinenews.com

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