Dress for Less: How to Save on School Uniforms

August 12, 2015 - School Uniform

If you’re a tyro shopping for a propagandize uniform — or if you’re partial of a 28% of relatives surveyed by a National Retail Federation who pronounced your child will be wearing a propagandize uniform this year —  follow these strategies to cut down your costs on this season’s preppy new clothes.

Shop sales

You’ve seen a large red sale signs stuffing store windows for weeks now. We all know that there are back-to-school sell sales for bureau supplies, dorm room furniture, backpacks, tech essentials and a horde of other propagandize essentials. But there are also store sales specific to propagandize uniforms.

Check for discounts on uniforms from big-name retailers and dialect stores. At Old Navy, for example, propagandize uniform attire for girls starts during only $4. At Target, shoppers can buy polos for $5 and bottoms for $10, and take advantage of assets of 25% on other name uniform styles.

Buy used

To pledge you’ll get a good cost (even in a deficiency of sale events), opt for used clothes. You can find used uniforms during secondhand stores and even eBay. Additionally, keep an eye out for uniform sell events. Your child’s propagandize might horde such a day during a commencement of a propagandize year to give we a event to sell, buy or trade clothes.


Unlike books, we don’t need to have a new propagandize uniform any year. If your son or daughter still has tops or bottoms left over from final year, see if they’re in good adequate condition to be ragged again for another year. Similarly, be certain to keep any new equipment we buy in good condition so they’ll be means to final for a while.

If we don’t have any aged uniforms during home, try seeking a crony or neighbor if they do. You’ll expected find that comparison students who have already graduated might be looking to giveaway adult their closet space and unpack their supply of propagandize wears.

Be vital about sizing

If we know your child will be wearing propagandize uniforms for years to come, we might wish to cruise selling a somewhat incomparable distance — one your child can grow into and continue to wear both now and good into a future.

Another thing to keep in mind: If we buy tolerably now, we can always fill in with additional articles of wardrobe after as needed.

Set a budget

No, we don’t meant only environment a bill for how most you’re peaceful to spend (although that’s important, too). You should also set an stipend for how many uniforms (pairs of pants, shirts, skirts, etc.) that you’ll need.

Try to be realistic. For example, if we do washing midweek, we might not need to buy a opposite shirt for any day of a propagandize week. This can cut down on a volume of equipment we need to purchase.

Use coupons

Before we make any propagandize uniform purchases, always control a discerning hunt to see if we can find any applicable coupons or banking codes. If we know forward of time that tradesman you’ll be selling uniforms from, try signing adult for their email mailing list so you’ll get any promotions sent directly to your inbox as shortly as they’re announced.

Use these deal-finding strategies as a approach to set your child detached this propagandize year. Wearing a uniform might make it formidable to mount out fashion-wise from a rest of a school, though selling intelligent can save your family from spending as most as everybody else.


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