Do we need a propagandize uniform for teachers?

May 20, 2016 - School Uniform

Remember that print that went around Facebook of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s closet? It was captioned “First day behind after paternity leave. What should we wear?” and it showed his closet full of matching grey T-shirts in – count ’em – dual opposite shades. Over 1.2 million people favourite that image.

When asked about his miss of accumulation in attire, Zuckerberg answered: “I unequivocally wish to transparent my life to make it so that we have to make as few decisions as probable about anything solely how to best offer this community.”

Is there a some-more constrained evidence for a clergyman uniform?

I’ve been a clergyman for some-more than 10 years now. I’ve attempted appetite suits and red lipstick; I’m drizzling with persperate and draining around a edges by a finish of a day.

I’ve attempted comfy cardis and corduroys; we feel underdressed and frowzy and it shows.

I’ve attempted selected chic, though we disturbed about throwing costly dresses on doorway handles or sitting in paint.

I’ve never attempted a Zuckerburg. How would it work? Why would it help?

Teachers face a disorientating miss of clarity on sauce for work. Some despotic academy bondage now have a corporate policy, though many schools seem to leave it to chance.

Gender divide

The problem is compounded by a fact that teachers work within really opposite operative environments. Some lay primly on a chair for some-more than half a day, others work with open flames, yield around on a scratchy runner or frequently find themselves adult to their elbows in something viscous. And in many schools that I’ve worked in, temperatures are good outward a endorsed operative heat operation of 16-22°C.

There is also a critical gender order here. Female clothes both enjoys and suffers from a most wider operation than classically masculine clothing. It contingency be intensely frustrating to stoically competition a fit and tie in July, while floaty dresses abound; flip-flops or spaghetti straps are mostly deemed excusable for Miss though not for Sir. But for women it can be severe to find wardrobe that is smart, unsentimental and sets we out as an ever-changing individual; maybe dual out of 3 ain’t bad?

There is one solution: what about a uniform? It would have to be sincerely season-proof, of course, and you’d have to dash out a bit during initial to get 5 of them. The outfit would have to be intelligent and adaptable, comparatively comfortable, easy to wash, and have something that we can supplement or subtract from to make we a right temperature. Yes, it seems we am describing some arrange of suit…

Cookie-cutter dressing?

If it was stipulated that we wear a black trouser fit with a dim phony blouse or top, we could supplement prosaic gentle boots and put on a coupler or cardigan when needed. we could have a lab cloak for anything disorderly or singey. we could wear trinket or a hair headband on days when we was feeling quite expressive. Best of all, we could forget about a decision-making that takes adult my time and appetite each morning, and put that into meditative about how to best offer my pupils.

We could make a masculine and womanlike versions as identical as possible, and so stop a fundamental sexism that we are propagating in schools. We could even colour-code by subject.

Am we removing carried away? Perhaps. The final thing we wish is to inspire a kind of cookie-cutter meditative that has been practical to roughly each other aspect of teacher’s operative lives. But conjunction do we wish to continue to be ashamed of being partial of a profession that consistently fails to dress professionally.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith is a clergyman and writer. She tweets during @honeypisquared

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