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September 23, 2015 - School Uniform


Some students during Bryan Adams High School wish to stop wearing uniforms. They have sealed a petition on, called “Change a Dress Code!!!!

The chairman who combined a petition said, “We feel like a leisure of countenance is being tampered with and as immature adults we should select what we wish to wear…”

Bryan Adams has a standardised dress formula like many Dallas ISD schools. At Bryan Adams, students can wear plain khaki or plain black pants or skirts, according to a school website. They’re compulsory to wear a polo shirt branded with a Bryan Adams logo. No blue jeans and jackets or sweatshirts with hoods are allowed.

The propagandize website says: “Student uniforms will learn students a suitable clothes and coming for several veteran settings, including a propagandize environment. Student uniforms will also safeguard that a campus can simply brand a students and yield a secure training environment.”

Students can wear college-themed shirts on College Day on Thursdays. They can wear Bryan Adams-sponsored shirts for Spirit Day on Fridays.

Those who don’t follow a dress formula are placed in in-school cessation until they are in dress code, a website says. Repeated violators can accept more severe punishments.

So what are a pros and cons of propagandize uniforms? Your thoughts?

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