Distributing money vouchers for propagandize uniforms from Dec. 01

November 27, 2015 - School Uniform

At an recognition programme hold for zonal preparation directors per a placement and doing of money vouchers for students to buy propagandize uniforms, a apportion pronounced this.


The apportion pronounced a money vouchers between Rs.450 and Rs.1,700 would be given to all students from class one, including tyro monks.


“The students mount to advantage since a value of a vouchers surpass a marketplace cost of a material. Although a vouchers lift some-more value than a marketplace price, a supervision stands to save during slightest Rs.500 million,” he said.


The apportion pronounced a preference to emanate money vouchers was taken by a Prime Minister’s sub-committee for Economic Management since of several complaints perceived on a shortcomings with courtesy to a peculiarity of a product and a placement procedure.


“Now they can buy peculiarity element from any emporium in any partial of a country. It will assistance internal weave emporium owners as well. We hold discussions with Sathosa and Salusala. They will be offered uniform materials during a satisfactory price. Rs.2,300 million was allocated in 2014 for propagandize uniforms for 4.2 million students in 2015. During prior supervision this uniform programme was riddled with corruption. However, this supervision will leave no room for corruption,” he said.

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