Dad will not see son in propagandize uniform

January 31, 2016 - School Uniform

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Timaima Tuivita with daughter, Mereoni Gugu, 2, yesterday.

THE family of a Year 1 tyro of Veiuto Primary School is anguish his genocide after he was reportedly electrocuted on Friday afternoon, during his Lami Village home.

Dead is Tomasi Raimuria Melb Kaivu, also famous to his family as Bee, who was to have distinguished his younger sister’s second birthday today.

His grandmother, Veniana Kaivu, could not enclose her emotions as she cried for a child whom she had helped lift given birth.

“Isa noqu daulomani, bau yadra mada mai mo mai kana, sa ra kana oti kece na gone, sa ra qito i tuba, Isa Bee sa ra mai raica nodaru dale na vulagi,” an romantic Mrs Kaivu cried out (My swain greatfully arise adult and come and have lunch, all a children have had their lunch and are now personification outside. Bee, strangers are now visiting a house)

His mother, Timaima Tuivita, conspicuous her son had returned home after 4pm, she asked him to take off his uniform and change into his infrequent wear. This was also their final conversation.

Few mins later, some children came using seeking her to go to a emporium as something had happened to her son. When she arrived, her son was fibbing on a cement with blood entrance out of his nose.

“He had cried out and reached out his hand, one of a children that were with him attempted to squeeze his hand, though he was repelled too, afterwards another male saw what happened and attempted to assistance and couldn’t hold him as well,” Ms Tuivita said.

“A clergyman afterwards used a hang to spin him over. After a while, we was afterwards means to lift him.

“By a time we reached a health centre, a nurses conspicuous him dead.”

Ms Tuivita conspicuous her husband, who is a fisherman, was still not wakeful of a occurrence as he was still out during sea.

“His father had left before propagandize started, and has not even seen his son wear his uniform. This hurts so much,” she said


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