Coventry shopkeeper ‘sold bootleg cigs to kids in propagandize uniform’

March 30, 2015 - School Uniform

Investigators looking into a sale of bootleg tobacco in Coventry contend a shopkeeper was held offered dodgy cigarettes to kids in propagandize uniform.

Undercover exam purchasers bought tawdry products from some-more than 50 shops in a city during a dual day operation final week.

They also purchased a illegal products from pubs, a operative men’s club, from homes and on Facebook.

The operation was run by former Metropolitan Police investigator Will O’Reilly for Philip Morris International, one of a world’s heading tobacco manufacturers.

Mr O’Reilly said: “I was surprised. The volume we got on one of a days alone was adult there with a misfortune areas we’ve found.

“We had singular time to cover a few tiny areas and it was abundant in those areas.

“I wanted to pronounce to Trading Standards though they declined so we had no before intelligence.

“We only spoke to people in a street, with many of a smokers being means to brand shops offered bootleg items.

“The people who sell this things clearly don’t caring who they sell it to.

“On a trade standards website there’s a list of new seizures of bootleg tobacco and many of those places are still offered it.

“There’s no genuine halt – that’s a genuine problem.”

Illegal cigarettes
Illegal cigarettes

The sum volume of tobacco seized in a operation is one of a top given a clandestine teams started operative in a nation 4 years ago.

Because supply is so abundant a prices are among a lowest investigators have ever seen – with one container branded Minsk offered for only £2.50.

Schoolchildren were sole a bootleg cigarettes in a emporium in Far Gosford Street.

Story couple Revealed: Dangers of smoking bootleg cigarettes as Coventry faces tawdry problem

Test purchasers witnessed a “blatant” sale to kids in propagandize uniform during a emporium where countless bootleg brands were available.

The tip shoppers bought bootleg cigarettes from 4 other shops in Far Gosford Street – including one who hid batch in a fridge and another who stashed a equipment in a quick food grill over a road.

On Facebook one Coventry seller was plainly promotion 13 opposite brands of unlawful cigarettes for sale by a crate and on another site for Polish people 6 people were offered dodgy cigarettes.

A orator for Coventry Trading Standards said: “We do a good understanding of work to forestall underage sales of tobacco and also have done a series of successful prosecutions in new years in tie with a possession and supply of unlawful tobacco.

“Please hit Crimestoppers, trade standards or Citizens Advice consumer use if we have any specific information on premises provision unlawful tobacco or underage sales.”

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