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December 20, 2016 - School Uniform

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Do uniforms cut behind on bullying in schools? Can they enthuse propagandize suggestion among students?

More Syracuse schools are branch to uniforms for usually those reasons.

The city propagandize house recently authorized uniforms for Westside Academy during Blodgett, a center school. Starting in January, students there will be compulsory to wear black, white and red tops with dim colored or khaki bottoms.

Many facile schools like Dr. King and Dr. Weeks sell T-shirts, sweatshirts and other rigging that students are compulsory or speedy to wear once or twice a week.

This is a sixth year Clary Middle School has had uniforms. At Clary, uniforms meant maroon or gray shirts and khaki pants. You can see a uniforms in a photos above.

More schools are regulating uniforms since “research has shown uniforms can revoke bullying and fortify and urge safety, attendance, and academics,” pronounced Michael Henesey, orator for a Syracuse City School District.

Many schools are regulating wardrobe to emanate certain environments in their buildings as partial of their skeleton to improve. Uniforms are one approach a schools can uncover a New York State Education Department that they are perplexing to change a repute of a school.

In Westside Principal Vanessa Hopkins’s view, a uniforms can grasp this purpose, though usually if students wish to wear them.

Uniforms seen as approach to quarrel bullying, build pride

Hopkins is anticipating to hurl out a uniforms in a approach that creates students buy in. Instead of punishing students who don’t wear a uniforms, administrators will total a series of days students do wear them, and yield rewards to students who participate.

Hopkins is operative with village organizations to yield wardrobe to families that can’t means a uniforms. She also skeleton to batch a closet in a propagandize with fill-in garments if students need them.

Hopkins is anticipating that uniforms:

    • Cut behind on bullying and nuisance over clothing

    • Reduce disruptions due to revealing, descent or distracting clothing

    • Create equity among students, including those who competence not be means to means certain clothes

    • Teach students to dress for careers and college

School house members have been understanding of a enlargement of uniforms. At a new assembly on a Westside Academy uniforms, several members pronounced they hoped to see some-more schools introduce uniforms. Parents and teachers also spoke in support of a uniforms.

What do we think? Should some-more schools change their dress codes or cruise uniforms to quarrel bullying? Vote in the check and leave your thoughts in a comment.

Reporter Julie McMahon covers Syracuse University and Syracuse city schools. She can be reached anytime: Email | Twitter | 315-412-1992

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