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December 20, 2016 - School Uniform

The Competition Commission is questioning South African propagandize uniform monopolies that take advantage of relatives shopping uniforms for their children.

Deputy Commissioner of a inquisitive body, Hardin Ratshisusu, pronounced a review comes after prior attempts to get schools to work within pro-competitive parameters.

For example, if they wish to use a certain retailer afterwards they should open this adult for proposal on a unchanging basis.

Hardin Ratshisusu, Competition Competition

702/Cape Talk’s Eusebius McKaiser spoke to Ratshisusu about how they intend to get to a bottom of a issues per presumably reprobate business family between suppliers and schools.

He pronounced that a national consult would be conducted to interpret where a hurdles distortion before opting for a plan to assuage a practice.

If we find that this control is persisting, we will be means to brand a schools suppliers. If those suppliers are concerned in this anti-competitive conduct, we will pursue them.

Hardin Ratshisusu, Competition Competition

School Uniform Infographic

However, CEO of Governing Body Foundation Tim Gordon cautioned opposite “over-reacting to something that is unequivocally during best still to be investigated rather than taken as a given.”

In response to a report, he pronounced a fact that reduction than 10 people complained could be demonstrative that this is not a an emanate of concern.

10 people complained out of a 15 million who are shopping uniform in a country. We need a small bit of caring around portrayal it in a disastrous light.

Tim Gordon, Governing Body Foundation

Listen to a full talk next for details:

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