Committee eliminates Woonsocket High School uniform policy

October 2, 2014 - School Uniform

WOONSOCKET – In a 3-2 opinion a Woonsocket School Committee good a district’s School Readiness Policy this week, abolishing uniform mandate for a city’s high propagandize students.

Middle propagandize students, meanwhile, will follow a mutated uniform policy, that will now concede them to wear pants or skirts of any color. For dress shirts, those students contingency still wear a authorized colors of maroon, black and gray.

The changes do not request to a city’s facile schools, where a full uniform policy, requiring black or khaki pants, shorts or skirts, is still in effect.

Not all of a cabinet members, or relatives in assemblage during a Sept. 24 assembly where a amendments were passed, adored a change.

“Why don’t we usually leave it? They have to have egoism and a dress formula with a colors were perfect,” pronounced proprietor Estelle Bubble. “When they go into work, they have to be dressed. Self control, self fortify – that’s what we’re training them when we have a colored dress code.”

Committee member Susan Pawlina also spoke opposite a changes, observant they ‘skirted’ her biggest problem with a aged policy: that it didn’t concede students to dress up. Girls, Pawlina explained, could not wear a good sweater underneath a aged formula though being out of compliance, and boys were not technically authorised to wear something like a dress shirt and tie.

“What we wasn’t gentle with in a aged dress formula was it’s limiting in not permitting a kids to dress up,” she said.

Of a new policy, Pawlina pronounced “There are many things that I’m not gentle with. My feeling is we’ve combined some-more of a problem by formulating 3 opposite levels of dress code.”

But others, including high propagandize tyro Keith Jalette, spoke in preference of a change, citing past problems including unsymmetrical enforcement.

“I cruise we should have a process where people are authorised to wear what they wish to wear as prolonged as it’s not descent or interference learning,” pronounced Jalette, who pronounced he had attended assembly of a uniform subcommittee that’s been operative on a changes for a past several months. “I cruise carrying choice of countenance is a critical partial of being a tyro in high school.”

“I cruise that flitting this process is one of a best things this School Committee can do for a high school,” pronounced Jalette. “It’s time to stop focusing on this one emanate and to pierce on to some-more critical things.”

School Board Vice Chairman Soren Seale, a member of a uniform subcommittee, pronounced expelling a process during a high propagandize will concede teachers to concentration on enlightening time.

“I cruise a genuine doubt is: Is this improved than what we now have? A lot of a amendments that were in here were possibly asked for by relatives or administrators,” Seale said.

The amendments symbol a initial changes to a willingness process given a adoption in 2010. The process was primarily challenged by a American Civil Liberties Union, though a organisation withdrew their censure with a Rhode Island Department of Education after propagandize officials concluded to make correspondence voluntary, and to concede waivers to be deliberate for all from health to eremite reasons.

The outcome has been a occasionally record on enforcement, with critics of a process blaming administrators for what they contend are inconsistencies.

The process has had a quite tough time during a high school, and propagandize principals have on some-more than one arise asked a cabinet to cruise modifications, observant a mandate meddle with other disciplinary issues.

Committee Chairman George Lacouture pronounced he would support a process usually if open-toed and heeled boots remained prohibited.

“I do not approve of open toe/open heel shoes for health reasons and for reserve reasons,” he said.

Pawlina and Committee member Daniel Chattman expel a sole votes opposite a changes, that took outcome on passage.

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