Collapsing Administration: School uniform vouchers, govt.’s preference …

December 30, 2016 - School Uniform


Collapsing Administration: School uniform vouchers, govt.s preference and how it worked

In Nov 2015 a supervision motionless to change a resource to yield School Uniform Materials to students and introduced a new document system. This preference was taken following several irregularities that were rescued in a proposal routine as good as a placement process.

The Minister of Education settled during a time that a supervision will be means to save around Rs. 500 million by this routine and that it will be used to urge preparation in a country. With time, several anomalies surrounding a new document complement came to light. The categorical claim was that sub-standard element that was alien by an Indian association in 2015 was sole to students by a Lanka Salu Sala around a new document system.

News 1st’s Action TV highlighted on several occasions, how letters sent by a secretary to a method of preparation has paved a approach for Lanka Salu Sala to sell propagandize uniform element to students during a rival rate.

There were after opposing paper articles that reported that a secretary to a method of preparation has asked a boss to launch an review into a matter as this could pave a approach for some-more crime in a country.

General Secretary of a All Island Teachers Association Joseph Stalin commenting on this emanate said:

” They have motionless to yield a element by Salu Sala, though it sealed down someday back. That establishment has usually 19 employees operative for it. The rest have been sent on retirement and they have been removed.What has happened by this is large fraud. What is this joke? Where is a administration? The supervision spends a lot of income on a uniform element we consider it exceeds 2.3 billion. That is a outrageous amount. They are behaving but a correct administration mechanism. We see this as a crime. The outcome of all this will be that a students will be but schools uniform material. We know that some of these vouchers are still with a parents. Some undistributed vouchers are still in a schools. All of these vouchers will finish tomorrow. This is clearly a swindling of a supervision to collect income since if they give out a element they will lax a money.”

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