Cobb leaves propagandize uniform process alone

November 13, 2015 - School Uniform

Cobb County propagandize house members are not changing a district’s uniform policy, even yet black and Hispanic students are some-more expected to be penalized for violating uniform requirements.

Grant Rivera, a district’s arch care and training officer, pronounced schools that need uniforms have abided by district policy, and they sought parents’ submit and capitulation beforehand.

But relatives vicious of requiring uniforms contend schools have not finished adequate – or can't entirely request — that they sought primogenitor approval. They contend principals are mostly a ones who decide, with small or no submit from parents.

One of those parents, Valerie Testman, pronounced after Wednesday’s assembly she was unhappy that house members unsuccessful to residence a system’s fortify practices or a secular inconsistency in schools that need uniforms.

Testman pronounced she skeleton to record a censure over Cobb’s uniform process with a U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights.

“I suspicion Cobb could work this out, since we don’t wish to go down this road,” pronounced Testman, whose daughter attends Tapp Middle School, that requires uniforms. She says her daughter has been told she would face cessation if she did not approve with a uniform rules.

“They’ve (board members) cleared their hands of it,” she added.

Board member David Morgan had formerly asked Cobb propagandize leaders to re-evaluate a uniform policy. At slightest one house member, David Banks, had pronounced he believes students should have a choice either to wear uniforms. Wednesday, however, no house member suggested reworking a policy. “As prolonged as we’re following what we have in writing, I’m good,” Morgan said.

Susan Thayer, who represents Smyrna and other areas, pronounced principals and relatives during schools in her district that need uniforms like them.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported in Sep that Hispanic and black students in Georgia and via a U.S. are compulsory to wear uniforms some-more mostly than white students.

Across a metro region, about half of black students and one of each 4 Hispanic students wear uniforms, while about one of each 20 white students do, a AJC reported. That means nonwhite students are some-more expected to face disciplinary movement over their clothing, that can embody blank classroom lessons.

The secular inconsistency is sheer in Cobb, where about half of students are black or Hispanic, and all 29 schools that need uniforms are infancy black and Hispanic. The district also has one of a harsher fortify records, with about one in 5 dress formula violations punished with in-school suspensions.

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