Clifton relatives devise impetus to criticism propagandize uniform proposal

May 19, 2015 - School Uniform

Parents against to propagandize uniforms devise to wear black and lift signs during a assembly during Clifton High School. (Google Maps) 

CLIFTON — City relatives against to propagandize uniforms devise to wear black and lift signs to a forum Monday night during Clifton High School.

A subcommittee of a Clifton Board of Education has due that a 17 facile schools in a districts need uniforms.

In a display progressing this month, a cabinet pronounced uniforms would concede students to concentration on their classes instead of their garments and revoke bullying. The display enclosed a formula of a consult given to facile propagandize parents, in that 78 percent of relatives answered “Yes” to a statement: “The Clifton School District should adopt a Uniform Dress Code Policy.”

The subcommittee’s offer for a uniform dress formula process [pdf]

The process would have exemptions for eremite reasons and would concede articles of wardrobe like hijabs. The cabinet proposes to defray a cost of a uniforms for disadvantaged families with assistance from primogenitor organizations.

Parents who conflict a uniforms contend there’s no justification that uniforms urge educational opening or behavior. They also contend uniforms will diminution their children’s’ clarity of individuality.

Tova Felder, who has a 10-year-old son during School #2, pronounced propagandize uniforms would cost district families, not usually for a cost of a uniforms, though for a increasing taxation weight to finance families who can’t means them.

“It’s a weight to families who do not wish to dress their children in collared polo shirts and flat-front khaki pants and brownish-red or black shoes, who afterwards have to buy their kids normal garments that they indeed wish to wear,” she said.

This is a board’s third try to charge uniforms, pronounced Ann Schnakenberg, a primogenitor who’s against prior efforts in 2009 and 2012. She cites a work of David Brunsma, a highbrow of sociology during Virginia Tech, who found that propagandize uniforms had no outcome on shortening assault or behavioral problems, improving attendance, saving relatives or income or any other outcome they were approaching to improve.

“School Uniform Policies in Public Schools” by David Brunsma

Schnakenberg pronounced a surveys used to sign primogenitor opinions were biased, with approbation or no “questions” like, “I would spend reduction income on propagandize garments if my child had a Uniform Dress Code Policy,” and “A Uniform Dress Code Policy would urge a training environment.”

Clifton Public Schools Dress Code Policy Survey

“They’re flattering most a sham,” she said.

Those against to a process outnumbered those in preference 25-19 during a initial forum on a uniforms final week, the Clifton Journal reported.

Commissioner Rosemary Pino, chair of a uniform subcommittee, did not lapse a call or email seeking comment.

The assembly is scheduled for 8 p.m. during Clifton High School.

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