Children sent home from propagandize for not wearing propagandize uniform

September 13, 2015 - School Uniform

Saturday, 12 Sep 2015

By Suzi Muston

A SHOEBURY propagandize conduct pronounced promulgation home pupils unwell to wear uniform was a right decision.

Head of Shoeburyness High School, Mark Schofield pronounced he had warned relatives and pupils about a school’s uniform policy.

He pronounced he had sent a minute to any pupil’s home over a summer mangle that clearly settled that youngsters would be sent home if they incited adult to a Caulfield Road propagandize not wearing uniform.

Mark Schofield, Headteacher of Shoeburyness High School, took a preference to send home several pupils for unwell to reside by uniform manners final week.

Mr Schofield told a YA: “Parents were created to in a summer reminding them of a uniform mandate that haven’t altered for 10 years.

“The letters pronounced that if students couldn’t be in propagandize uniform, relatives should send them in with a note giving a reasons and it explained a consequences if that didn’t happen.

“Most of a students pulled adult were means to make adjustments, like stealing earrings, though a tiny series were sent home.”

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