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September 9, 2016 - School Uniform

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Fifty children were sent home from a propagandize in Kent since they were not wearing a scold uniform.

Reasons for branch children divided from Hartsdown Academy enclosed “inappropriate” boots and “skin-tight” jeans and skirts.

Some relatives have pronounced their children were dissapoint when they were sent home and that a manners are too strict.

Head clergyman Matthew Tate says a minute was sent out in Jul surveying a manners for pupils and that adhering to a uniform leads to improved poise and grades.

We wish to know what we consider about a manners during your school.

Hear what some kids consider of their uniform

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My propagandize uniform is utterly despotic since all girls have to wear skirts and cardigans- not trousers and jumpers.

Akshita, Milton Keynes, England

Our propagandize uniform is utterly simple. It’s usually a blue shirt and trousers. You are usually authorised to wear black boots and we apparently can’t color your hair crazy colours. If we do, we get an orange slip! we unequivocally wish to change a uniform, only a bit.

Hussam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I don’t see how uniform affects a learning! We get detentions if we don’t have dual full stripes on a ties!!

Jasmyn, Leeds, England

Our propagandize uniform is unequivocally strict, we have a uniform label and if we have 3 things wrong with your uniform, we get a strike. Three strikes afterwards we get an after propagandize detention.

Dominic, Norwich, England

I consider that is it good that a propagandize wants to be intelligent with uniform though they should have given a students a warning.

Amy, Wellingborough, England

Our propagandize is despotic since we are not authorised yellow stitching on black propagandize boots and we have to have 7 stripes on a ties.


My propagandize is despotic as we can’t wear spare trousers or leggings. Your dress can’t be some-more than dual inches above your knee and we have to wear scold propagandize shoes, no pumps or trainers. If you’re found wearing a wrong uniform a clergyman will expostulate we home wait for we to change your uniform and expostulate we behind to school!

Katie, Staffordshire, England

My propagandize uniform is so strict, however not many people hang to it.

Hollie, West Midlands, England

We have 3 uniforms winter/ autumn and a PE pack and in summer we have to wear ties.

Esme, Basingstoke, England

My propagandize is also strict, we have sent students home and if we are some-more than 1cm off a beam lines we are given a detention.

Samual, Stafford, England

At my propagandize we have to have a accurate uniform, if we don’t we get sent home until we have all a uniform correct.

Tom, Leeds, England

My propagandize does not have a uniform, we can wear what we wish as prolonged as it is not too brief or descent to anyone. It is not that strict.

Anita, Derby, England

My propagandize uniform is unequivocally good and frequency despotic during all. You can wear a summer dress, a dress and a tip or trousers and a shirt. Or some shorts though not anything crazy like a orange wig!

Lola, Twickenham, England

My propagandize is only a same as a one in a article. No makeup, spike polish or earrings allowed, as good as a garments rules!

Amy, Derbyshire, England

Rules are rules, everybody should follow them, though we totally remonstrate with promulgation kids home since one object of wardrobe being opposite to a propagandize uniform. What if a child’s relatives are not home?

Sami, Leeds, England

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