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September 8, 2016 - School Uniform

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Fifty children were sent home from a propagandize in Kent since they were not wearing a scold uniform.

Reasons for branch children divided from Hartsdown Academy enclosed “inappropriate” boots and “skin-tight” jeans and skirts.

Some relatives have pronounced their children were dissapoint when they were sent home and that a manners are too strict.

Head clergyman Matthew Tate says adhering to a uniform leads to improved poise and grades.

We wish to know what we consider about a manners during your school.

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My propagandize uniform is utterly despotic since all girls have to wear skirts and cardigans- not trousers and jumpers.

Akshita, Milton Keynes, England

Our propagandize uniform is utterly simple. It’s usually a blue shirt and trousers. You are usually authorised to wear black boots and we apparently can’t color your hair crazy colours. If we do, we get an orange slip! we unequivocally wish to change a uniform, only a bit.

Hussam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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  • Do we consider a conduct clergyman during a propagandize in Kent was right or wrong to send kids home?
  • What do we consider of a dress formula in your school?
  • If we have a uniform how particularly is it kept to?
  • How despotic do we consider propagandize uniforms should be?
  • What do we consider should occur if people don’t hang to a rules?

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